The voice wants me to cut my grandma in pieces TW

But, it says, it would require a lot of cleaning because of the blood.

Am I dangerous? I don’t think so.
The voice is aggressive

I’ve had these voices before, it’s best to overcome them by focusing on something else. Don’t feed into what they are saying by listening. Try to over power it.

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Thank you. I am not violent. I am not these voices

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Exactly! When the voice comes back just keep repeating that and you’ll overcome it!


I normally dont like these posts but I know you’re a level-headed guy @Om_Sadasiva so I’ll give you some advice.

If you EVER get an urge, a voice, to hurt your loved ones, go and talk to that specific person right away. Just have a conversation, could be about anything.


If you ever get the urge, a voice, to hurt someone random, that you dont even know, then I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you check into a hospital or see a specialist ASAP.

Hope this helps.


Stand up to the voice with who you are and what you believe regardless of how manipulative or aggressive it tries to be.

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@Om_Sadasiva. You are already in high medicine’s. But your symptoms didn’t goes away. Please avoid your mind to think like this. May be your thinking converts in your voices.

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No, I am not on high doses. I have changed meds.

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I would at least tell your psychiatrist @Om_Sadasiva.
Those are violent voices you are having.
Totally unacceptable.


I’m lost @DNA, what’s the difference between wanting to hurt someone you love and a stranger? Are they not just the same manifestation of schizophrenia?


Hurting someone you love is outta hate.

Hurting a stranger is outta pleasure.

Hope this makes sense ?

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Depends, if they’re voices then you need to distance yourself and whatever consciousness in you that understands that they’re false and fake needs to be encouraged.

These voices are just bull they’re not real, they have no insight into the inner workings of reality.

If you’re having thoughts about euthanasia and her passing peacefully consult a therapist. Either way I wish you and your grandma the best.

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@MikaMoon I think you’re standing on the edge of remorse if you feel that hurting a loved one and a stranger are the same thing.

Ultimately, love and pain go hand and hand, just like pleasure and pain.

So I cant exactly answer your question, I’d have to dissect scenarios and experiences and give you individual answers.

@DNA I guess I was more thinking along the lines of obeying what the voices say. I had voices tell me to kill strangers, it wasn’t because I wanted them hurt or anything. I think I was giving up on society at the time. Although, I did not associate the voices as something coming from me. I don’t know. I’ve never liked violence, or watching people get hurt.

I thought about killing my partner when I was in psychosis, but it was more of a pleasure thing cause I imagined all our body parts melding together. I didn’t want to go through with it though. Didn’t want him to suffer.

I mean, I’ve had thoughts of hurting people, but not killing them.


To me, suffering is more painful than death.

I don’t like the thought of people dying, I just wanted to pass through the other side. Being human sucks. Thought they would enjoy a multitude of new forms, some alien, tree, dog, cat, dragon. You know, threw reincarnation. As I said though, I was in psychosis. I’ve decided those voices were wrong, that I have to allow the humans to stay humans until they meet their end some other way.

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Seems like both would be out of hate


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