The voice turned out to be from the afterlife

So if I can communicate with voices should I?
Because these voices turn out to be from the after life after a bit of digging, but it can feel like I’m talking to god.
I once seen a black hole appear out of no where, I once had these voices communicate with aliens, and about 30 different UFOs start appearing out of no where once my voice communicates with them.
My voices also made a red shooting star appear out of no where
My voices can also pull me into the spirit world, which is a plane beyond our existence where you can meet with people who have passed
I once woke up to be into the spirit world ( it’s pulling yourself out of your body when your half awake) to meet Jesus, Mary , and god.
I have weird dream and because of this I’m guessing the afterlife is just a bunch of hallucinations caused by our brain, but we can move within our spirit in the spirit world.
This all started when I seen a cloud in the shape of a devil with a contract.
That’s when these voices started making itself known to me, I dismissed it and started communicating with it, because it enticed me into thinking I was communicating with something more powerful than I. But I was wrong, the voices turned out to be spirits taking messages from god , although I do believe some messages are actually from the big man and Jesus once in a blue moon ( when they actually confirm it’s them) in a way I can communicate with god and can even have him speak through the air itself, even the birds, by taking control of the spirit world and using the birds spirit. This changed my view of religion entirely, considering I’m the only person in the world who has this unique gift of communion, but enough is enough. No man should even communicate with god as it is a curse. No living man should communicate with the dead. Because once they are dead they are no longer human that they once were. They turn into spirits, some good some bad. Never communicate with a spirit because it spreads like wild fire, they feel like they can renter your home or even your mind, be strong and rebuke them.

I don’t think your meds are working properly.

I think religion is for normal people.
We should start some thing new as we where not considered in history that we would survive.

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