The views of the ignorant

The Maine Society for Christian Values (supposedly focused on helping the community and enforcing the lessons of Jesus Christ) has released their groups version of what caused mental illness, and I cannot stop laughing at the sheer ignorance of it.

Bi Polar-Caused by drinking wine that has not been blessed by an ordained minister, pastor or priest.

PTSD-caused by the sin of murder.

ADHD-Does not exist.

Anxiety disorders (all)-Caused by not accepting Jesus as your Savior.

And my personal favorite for its incredible stupidity

Schizophrenia-Caused by Premarital Sex. yes, they honestly believe that all SZ is caused by sex before marriage. Apparently a 4 year old diagnosed with SZ had sex or something!

But hey at least they aren’t saying its caused by drug abuse like so many others…

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I worry about the types of people who read that business and believe it.

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These people are in the stone age. I’m sorry you have to live around them.

Christians Against Dinosaurs (CAD) sounds right up their street! :stuck_out_tongue:

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So were not all witches and warlocs who are possesed by satan any more or was that just Catholics…boo the religions that hold the world in ignorance…

Ohhhh so that’s why.

Glad to hear it’s not caused by fapping to pics in church literature – I had been losing sleep over that.

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Lol what if you fap to pictures of churches in a church while wearing your darth vader outfit?

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Grounds for beatification, if you ask me.

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kind of like take herbs, all the new agers.

thats pretty weird haha but i believe there is a need to explain this properly from a Christian viewpoint, mental illness comes from somewhere, i think it is a good topic for a debate but i doubt that conversation should happen here, leave it to the professionals haha :wink:

I am glad my parents let me wander, do what I wanted, be free as a child, my mom’s RH negative blood a contributing factor,

but also, close to neglect, and then bullying later on.
What’s yours Daydreamer?

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We cant debate religion not just because its against forum rules but no one wins it just upsets people…but come on religion is not known for its scientific approach…seperation of church and science should be law lol…

i don’t think i was shown enough love, and i had no faith to hold on to (gave that up at an early age)
wasn’t encouraged enough, i did bad things like lie, steal, vandalism, i was a menace and a nuisance,

there basically wasn’t enough of the good things and too much of the bad things in my life and i believe this had a huge effect on my mind.

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yeah, I kind of feel like it was us though, our composition,

just being too affected by everything, feelers out.
I love you, daydreamer, big hugs.

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thanks daze but it would have been nice hearing it growing up :confused: lol my mum has a very good excuse though and i can’t blame her bc she was going deaf and my dad was great but he was always working i think.

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