The Vegetarian/Vegan Thread just for the F—- of it

This thread seems like the place to ask- yummy recipe for tofu? I want to make some, i have 2 packages of extra firm and want to make it soon.


I used to like these when I was vegan. Don’t forget to properly drain the water out of the tofu first. Place a paper towel on a plate. Then put the tofu on it. Then place another paper towel on top of the tofu. Then a plate on top of that. Let sit for 15 minutes. It draws out the fluids. I prefer to do that twice. But that’s just my preference.


Thanks! I’ll check those out.


Baba Ghanoush is made from eggplant and tahini


The substitutes taste good!


Yeah -

Beyond makes burgers, ground beef, and sausage patties.

Impossible makes great patties too.

So far - making burgers, breakfast sandwiches and tacos. Hope to try new ideas.

As a vegetarian for decades well nearly - I don’t know what meat tastes like anymore but these taste amazing. Much better than substitutes from the past.


I love tofu - I find the recipes too difficult. I have made a dish with physical assistance - someone walked me through baking tofu - it was an amazing dish. The process was too much to remember.


I am not a huge meat eater but I am a sucker for all things seafood.

I love veggie lasagna. :yum: Simeks brand.

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I am on a vegan diet for the animals and the environment.

I made vegan apple cake with cardamom last week.
It was lovely.

I also made tofu bolognese.
Crumbled tofu with diced tomatoes and onion and spaghetti.

Potato and onion soup.

Minestrone soup.

Vegan sausage with mashed potatoes and onion and vegetables and gravey.

Chickpea salad; chickpea can , can of corn, chopped parsley, red onion, capsicum and lemon juice with salt and pepper and olive oil as dressing.

I recommend watching seaspiracy, cowspiracy, forks over knives, earthlings, milked , what the health, game changers.

Some of them are on YouTube some Netflix.

Remember to take a b12 supplement if you don’t eat meat.

Also great to not use makeup and hygiene products tested on animals or with animal products in them.

Use second hand leather or vegan leather and try to be as cruelty free as possible.

I want to be a animal rights activist and environment activist and I stand for them.



My gawd - @SacredNeigh7

Be my roommate.

You should try tofu bolognese.

Crumble form tofu.

Chopp onion.

Heat onion in a frying pan with oil.
When soft add tofu and a can of crushed tomatoes.
Season with salt and pepper.
Serve with spaghetti.



I will have to try it - maybe its not so difficult to work with - Tofu.

I am on a cucumber diet. - til i get my bloodwork to go down so i can eat normal again - last time tested pre-diabetic range.

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Vegan diet can reverse diabetes if it’s whole food plant based so not vegan junk and processed food.

You can check out dr Neal barnard and also read the starch solution or world peace diet or watch YouTube clips.

Hope you can turn it around so you are free from diabetes.

They put tofu in hot and sour soup. It’s really good. I love that stuff

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Oh yeah! That’s right! I’ve seen him on YouTube. My aunt says that a vegan diet is dangerous. Idk. I’ve never tried it. I like meat. I don’t believe in mistreating animals but I wouldn’t call myself an activist.


I was vegetarian during most of the 00s.

Vegan for six of those months.

Being vegan is a freaking nightmare.

I was only doing it to impress some guy in a band.

(We dated, we broke up)

You can’t eat anything and the alternatives are worse than eating nothing.

Being vegetarian wasn’t bad at all.

I could switch back to that with ease.

Especially with all the vegetarian options these days.


Happens to the best of us lol.


Im not a vegetarian but i will eat anything vegan that doesn’t have soy. I had a vegan Supreme pizza and it actually tasted better then regular pizza. I definitely support animal rights i believe someday all meat will come from a completely new source and the suffering of animals will end.

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I disagree that we shouldn’t kill animals for food but I agree that the protein we need can come from other sources. Nuts for example have protein and I’ve heard that some vegetables have a small amount of protein.

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