The value of a diagnosis

I agree with those that say having a diagnosis is secondary to getting help and support but a clear description of problems would help focus help and support in the right direction.
This doesn’t have to be done with a specific diagnosis but can involve descriptors such as ‘severe mania with acute anxiety’ or ‘mild psychosis with personality effects’ ie something that captures the essence of a person’s problems without relying on specific diagnostic labels.


Couldn’t you have come up with a better title that follows the guidelines of the forum instead of adding “10 characters” at the end? The whole point of such a system is to promote descriptive thread titles. Adding 10 characters makes the system worthless.

How about “The Value of a Diagnosis”?

Changed as suggested.

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Your idea is good. If you can present an identity card suggesting your mental and/or physical condition, I think it also helps.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

I do agree with you @firemonkey. First of all it is our right to know our diagnosis, it is a way to follow up and try to take charge - educate ourselves on how to manage our illness better.
From experience, many of my past psychiatrists, including my current doctor does not emphasize the diagnosis so much, many of them seem to be on the fence when it comes to my actual diagnosis, I do think that many of them do not really want to bother with giving a diagnosis, if it were not for insurance companies requiring a diagnosis.
I mean I display psychotic symptoms, negative symptoms (schizo) and I am capable of experiencing mania and depression (affective) thus the schizoaffective label

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My diagnosis changed so much during my young life. But the doc I’m with now did seem to emphasize the diagnosis for a while. I’m wondering if that was his way of trying to get me to accept what was happening to me.

But these days… he’s de-emphasizing the label on the page and going for symptom management.

Not so much a diagnosis as a descriptive terminology. So many people with a variety of personalities have been diagnosed as schizophrenic or schizoaffective that those terms have become too amorphous to tell us much.

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I think that many good psychiatrists deal with symptom management - I honestly feel that many of them could care less about labeling people - many of them do not concern themselves with the actual label or diagnosis itself.
They seem to be stumped a lot of times on a diagnosis. Dealing with the symptoms really is more of their concern, or at least it should be I guess

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