The Usual, Standard, Typical, And Common

:thinking: What is Normal Anyways?. :thinking:

|||+|||~Is it Normal to Be Sad?. Is it Normal to Be Depressed?. It it Normal to Be Afraid?. Is it Normal to Be Spiritual?. Is it Normal to Care About Nature?. Is it Normal to Be Confused?. Is it Normal to Not Trust Anything And Everything That Comes Your Way?. Is it Normal to Be Cautious?. Is it Normal to Be Careful?. Is it Normal to Enjoy Entertainment & Art?. Is it Normal to Enjoy Good Tasting Food & Snacks?. Is it Normal to Desire a Better, More Understood Existence?. Is it Normal to Make Mistakes?. Is it Normal to Be in Love With Illusions & Accepted Reality?.~|||+|||

:thinking: What is Normal Anyways?. :thinking:

||+|||~Is it Normal to Ask Questions, When Something or Someone is Not Making Sense?~|||+|||

|||+|||~Is it Normal to Be Proud of Yourself, Achieving Small Goals With Inner Strength?~|||+|||

|||+|||~Is it Normal to Give Yourself Permission to Be Creative?~|||+|||

||+|||~Is it Normal to Fall in Love With Calm, Quiet, Peaceful Days of Imagination?~|||+|||

‘’ Conforming to a standard; what is usual, expected’’

Maybe expected from society and usual to society.

But I think psychosis kind of made my brain get a shock into rethinking and requestioning some things. Because it was so traumatising. I wonder if I’d be requestioning those things without having experienced psychosis.

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Is it normal to be spiritual?
It depends what spiritual means. :pensive:

OK being concerned with the human spirit.

I think everyone is concerned but ppl take different routes to how they react as a response to being concerned about the human spirit.

|||+|||~Is it Normal to Seek Silent Shelter, & Rest, During Psychological Divisions?~|||+|||

|||+|||~Is it Normal to Understand The Treasure Hiding Within The Fields of Forests?~|||+|||

|||+|||~Is it Normal to Feel as if You Are Floating, When You’re Walking?~|||+|||

||+|||~Is it Normal to Feel Happy, Even if it Seems, Like No One Wants You to Be?~|||+|||

|||+|||~Is it Ok to Feel Normal Even if You Don’t Care About What it’s Supposed to Mean?~|||+|||

“Man is a spiritual being and it is only when he lives in the spirit that he is truly happy.”

If someone rejected you, you might question what is normal that you were not normal in their eyes.

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|||+|||~Is it O.k. to See Normal in The Strange, Odd, And or Weird Within The Living?~|||+|||

|||+|||~Is it O.k. to Understand The Normal Even Though You Don’t Know The Word?~|||+|||

|||+|||~Is it O.k. to Be “normal”, Even if “normal”, Doesn’t Make Any Sense to You?~|||+|||

|||+|||~If “normal” is “abnormal”, What Does it Mean to Be “normal”, in a Strange World?~|||+|||

Thanks Chordy. :green_heart:

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|||+|||~There is “normal” And There is Normal. What’s The Difference Between The Two?~|||+|||