The Upshot of Hair Salon Closures

Seeing as no one can dye their roots, I think the Bride of Frankenstein will become the new ‘in fashion look’ for women around the world. :smile:


I cut my own hair yesterday

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I’m growing out my hair but I color my own hair :wink:


I have a burning desire to dye my hair now that is so long. I hate when my hair gets long because, even though it is the same length all over, I look like I have a mullet when my neck isn’t trimmed up close. My barber knows exactly how to shape it, but now I am unruly. Combined with my baby face, I look like a teenager.

Isn’t a barber for men only?

That’s not a bad thing, no ?

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Men, women,

Same thing :wink:

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I thought a barber was called for male stylists and hair dresser for female stylists. English is not my first language.

It’s okay,

Tomato, tomatoe lol

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Yo, that literally made me LOL.

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Potato, potato, ching chong tomato …

I’m not gonna sleep tonight :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


In some pictures I look like a teenager which attracts a lot of men but within these 5 past years my skin aged a lot, in the new pictures I’m looking my age more. In older pictures when I was 115 lbs and 26 years old I looked different. But I like my face. I wanna grow old gracefully but without these damn intrusive thoughts.

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Nonbinary people dont subscribe to gender divides. My barber cuts my hair correctly. When I went to a salon they kept giving me a trendy pixie cut.

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I’m so curious to see your picture to feed my curiosity. I’m kidding, okay I’ve always been super girly.

I look firmly androgynous. Some people on the street assume I am a boy, and some assume I am a girl. The real irony is when I am dressing feminine, and transphobic strangers tell me I’m just “a man in a dress.” I guess I don’t pass for my birth gender consistently anymore lol!

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LOL. Okay in my imagination you look very feminine.

Lol nope. On days I go for feminine, I don’t get much further than butch lesbian. Most days I’m pretty masculine. Isn’t it funny how we imagine what different users look lile, and then they post pictures and look nothing like what you pictured? I won’t post a picture of myself here, because of privacy concerns, but I probably look nothing like most people’s pictures.

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Yes, interesting. I’m not gay in any way. Never been. In some pictures, I look terrible but in some pictures, I look beautiful. So sometimes some guys see my picture and send me messages but then when they see me from different angles and without makeup, they run away. Not that anybody is looking but my face and body changed a lot after 30.

If a guy hits on me, I say do you wanna be a caregiver?