The universal truth

What if its all about layers, like an onion or an matroeskja
you never know what is the definitive absolute.
as like we cant ponder the absolute, maybe the absolute cant ponder the definitive absolute
because it was setup that way by the definitive absolute.

and maybe there is more than the definitive absolute, like
the definitive definitive absolute, is hidden like our god or gods. we just dont know.

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That’s interesting. It’s like not being able to comprehend a physical end of the universe. Space goes on forever.

finally some one replied, and understood its implications.

but yes thats basically it, dimensions, multiverse, higher levels of consciousness, or what is not
understood and percieved
could go on to many different levels/layers

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hey I like it, it might be true, but it’s weird ! :thumbsup: I would love to hear more of that visual philosophy.

but you will have too buy my book. lol
no my understanding for now goes only so far, because i am not allowed, or cant grasp/understand
the higher levels.
i think we are created in this way, the thinking and pondering is somewhat limited

if people here could add too this theory, it would be amazing. and go right ahead.

if there is a universal truth then what is it?

i think it is a lie :trollface:


no not a lie, just layers

layers of what?

can we peel back the layers to see what is underneath?



neutron,atoms, microbe, insects,animals,humans, and higher levels of excistence which for us is clouded.
yet i believe ghosts/spirits, etc

but what is the final layer?

or the beginning?

i am not sure, it could go up the spiral or down the spiral.

yet i am positive that i am not able too comprehend the final or beginning of the absolute layer

I eat the cyclethat dose not end or have a meaning to a begein and in the middle were time takes a dip I slip of to another chip.

huh how do you mean ?
the great drzen

Helex or 8…!

is a triple helix supposed to be perfection?

or are we just going around in circles: :white_circle: :black_circle:

there are a 100 million universes packed like books in a library.
there are 144 heavens,145 if you include freeing your self of karma level/enlightenment.
there are 144 hells.
beyond the 145 level in heaven there are many more levels that you can reach , these are free of heavens constraints .with further enlightenment you get much more access .
then there are side ways levels you can take !
there is no god , no devil, though there are beings that get mistaken for them .
take care

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Doesn’t matter what layer you are a part of, it’s all swinging one direction right now, the negative.

They all may look different but are one and the same. For now, if you have seen one layer you can understand the others, it’s all one.

I was talking to my voices one night and we were talking about the end of the universe, if you go in one direction you will get to the end of it, but that isn’t all that there is. They say none of it is infinite in one direction or the other, that it doesn’t go on forever, so i asked then what was on the outside of it, they said that nothing does not exist and there is no outside of it, they said we are it and we cannot go outside of ourselves.

It’s not like being in a room they said, a room that you can go outside of. But yet they say it basically has borders and does not expand infinitely. It’s existence they say, it’s the only thing that is, so it’s not like a thing inside of a black space or anything, it’s finite in distance and yet there is no thing outside of it.

“You’ll see when you get here.” They said.

your either an optimistic, or an realist

Your problem is the only way you’ve ever learned anything is for fear of the consequence of not knowing. And thats no way to learn… I learned everything this way. Because I was afraid of being poor… Because I was terrified of being ignored. But what if learning wasn’t about something you had to do anymore? What if it was about choice?