The undateables

hi, i have been watching a thing on tv here called ‘the undateables’ and it really made me think

i have got nothing against people trying to get a date despite their problems or disability but it just made me think what would happen if i tried that? is there something like that for me? and who would i be matched with?

i like to think that i am normal, i dont consider myself as disabled so i would like to think that i would get matched with someone similar i guess idk.

I don’t think that schizos are disabled, there are a lot of them out there, successful and living normally…

according to my government i am disabled.

But does that make you undateable?

You shouldn’t care what the whole world says, you know better your self.

I have “schizoaffective” and I am NOT disabled. Not at all. I can do a lot. My bf has the same kind of issue, similar at least, and he is not disabled nor receives benefits to my knowledge for a disability. There is no reason to tie in disability with schizophrenia, it’s an individual thing. Not everyone with schizophrenia has severe deficits. It’s a common misconception that all people with this illness have functional limitations and cognitive deficits. I can read, type, write, and a lot more. I am, like a normal 20-something, lacking direction right now.


You’ll make it. I can’t think that I’m normal, because I’m not, will never be and I know it. But just because I’m not anywhere near normal… (what ever that is these days) I’m not disabled. I can date despite my head circus. If I ever get over my own crippling lack of self confidence or learn how to read people better.

My kid sister once brought home a sideshow circus freak for a date. This guy had his teeth capped like fangs, and huge tattoos on his face and so many piercing on his face and neck I couldn’t count them all and (no ■■■■ and not hallucinating) he ate a lightbulb. It wasn’t a big one, it was a tiny little candle bulb, but he did it. I told him I was Sz and how about him… he said no, he’s perfectly normal. No mental health issues at all. He said he made his money being a fire breathing street performer. If that guy could date, then we all have the ability.

its really hard for me to find a date no matter how hard i try and i’ve just kinda given up now and left it to the fates and i guess i consider myself as one of those people on that tv programme ‘the undateables’, i need a special kind of woman to make me happy, do you think if i contacted them they might be able to help?

It’s scary doing new things, but I’ve been pushing myself little by little to face new situations.

I’d say, you will never know if they can help if you don’t talk to them. Do you go to a support group or maybe part of an art class. I can see sociology is not a happy place and the class seems on edge anyway. But an art class is much more open to expression. My Dad is an art teacher and I’ve met a lot of people with some form of mental illness in his classes.

In art, people are more open to experience.

i use to go to an art class but i got fed up with it i guess i havent got the patience for art really, i am more of a do it now kind of person, like instant gratification and something that will make me feel good straight away as opposed to someone who will be rewarded later.

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There are always sites like this:

and I’m sure others…

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feels like i’ve tried them all :frowning: i just cant take it anymore, the rejection, actually i havent been rejected at all :confused: i’ve been ignored :confounded: its pretty demoralizing,

no-one is even interested in me, i keep thinking its my age or maybe my picture and i’ve been thinking maybe there isnt any women left and they have all been taken or have children

maybe they know i have a mental illness and think i will be more hastle than i’m worth.

ah I tried it and there was NO ONE in my city!