The ultimate sz/sza question

I had many beliefs firmly in my belief system when I was ill…thank goodness it’s not a delusion anymore…never going back.

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i know for the most part which delusions are false and when some are real

i have to listen to people around though but my paranoia makes my delusion that everyone is out to put me in the hospital

right now they want me in the hospital but i can realize why i need to go

so im in the middle ground right now but getting closer to full psychosis

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I’m not sure what it is. But the voices are always cursing at me and I think it’s external. Idk. I get anxiety from being depressed. I feel alone.

I worry too much about what others think of me when I should not be giving a ■■■■. I’m sza depressive.

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I would say I’ve personally gotten over my delusion. It was there for a while, and even hung around as a doubt. But its such a boring idea.

The only thing I’d say to argue that “i’m not over it” is that temporary lapses in mental well being mean that its not going to be something I can say or argue is gone or won’t be appealing in some moment.

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