The ultimate sin

The only sin that is timelss…that cant be covered up and that you cant commit during temporary insanity is murder. You are always youself in your soul if you murder someone.

Im saying that couse my soul tried to murder me tonight. She told me life is bad…its a bad planet…just die.

And it doesnt matter is you are successful murdering…the second you start murdering someone you are guilty of murder.

My soul was sucking out my mind.

It happened like this…my soul went to heaven cause i prayed and then i felt good…but a moment later my soul from heaven started to murder me.

Basically she went to heaven to kill…

She is not my soul anymore…i said to her i like this planet and that i give my heart away cause she was in it. I rejected my heart cause the woman that lived there went to heaven to kill.

I lived without a heart for 5 minutes. And then had a cigarette and then got a new heart without a soul in it.

That’s concerning information @anon62371846. You should see a pdoc as soon as you can.


Your soul was not sucking out your mind. Get perspective on this.


Tell your pdoc you think your soul is murdering you. You probably need your meds adjusting. That sounds like sz.

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dear me you sound unstable…! please tell your psychiatrist that you believe these things…I feel for you…what you’re thinking isn’t true…don’t believe your mind right now…trust us to guide you to find happiness of mind.

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You’re barely coherent here. It sounds like your battling delusions and voices. Please talk to your doctor about this :disappointed:

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Please get help. Is your pdoc on call? Can you call a family member or friend, or if not, can you call a crisis hotline?

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AFAIK there’s no evidence souls even exist.

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