The ultimate privacy loss

It was the year 1996 and I had been in Venezuela. Before this trip to Venezuela I had done a global research of ISO 14000, environmental standards and their adaptions around the world. In the Venezuelan town Cumana I met two people in a bar of one inexpensive hotel while I drank Cuban Libre. One of these persons was a woman from Atlanta and worked for the former US President Jimmy Carter at the Jimmy Carter center and one was from Holland. While we discussed, this woman told she had done a research of these ISO 14000 standards, which made me to realize that they had taken my global research and used it as it would have been theirs. The woman also commented how Jimmy Carter was a micro-manager.

But when I returned from Venezuela back to Atlanta I told in the private house that I wanted to go to Guatemala. One minute after I had said this, a telephone rang and there was a woman who told how her husband had died in Guatemala. So basically they listened what I spoke in the private house and tried to influence me with their telephone calls. My former US woman told that she would be killed in Guatemala because she was American.

My life is a case study in the heinous invasion of my privacy. I am astonished by it, even after the years and years it has gone on. I can’t imagine how they justify this to themselves.

What is ISO 14000? I’m not familiar with it.

For me the ultimate privacy loss was when I felt as if the people around me could read my mind and they would torment me with comments and such.

Though I’m not sure what was worse, this or being threatened to sign an agreement to have my hard drive remotely searched when I was at my most vulnerable point in my entire life…I don’t know why I signed that, other than the fact that I wasn’t hiding anything and wanted those people to know this. I come back for my next appointment and she’s describing to me what exactly I have on my computer at home…wtf?