The ultimate dream thread

I had a night mare last night about my bathroom crawing with bed bugs and roaches with their feces everywhere
Maybe theres a demon?
Please, if you don’t mind (I know dreams can be very personal) - post something about your dream world …

I dont like dreaming.

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My dream world is pretty tame. Never have much scary stuff going on. Scariest thing was a barking dog last night that I approached and could somehow understand what it was saying, and I eventually came up to it, it bit my hand as if to warn me off but not very hard, then I pet and tamed it.

My life is sheltered, not much going on that really sets me off dream-wise.

One time I dreamed I went to a kind of “hell” though, this was months and months ago. I ended up in some kind of place with the floor covered in maggots and I was barefoot, and I had to like navigate a maze or something. Haven’t dreamed of anything nearly as bad as that since then.

When I have lucid dreams they’re like movies where you can actually control where you’re going and such. Haven’t had one like that in a while though.

They are usually screwy and too personal for sharing. But nightmares are pretty common. Use to get night terrors as a kid. Still get them once in a while. Usually I wake up and am paralyzed and hear or see things. I fight to move really hard though, and sometimes can ‘wake up’/move again.

I go through periods of time where I get little sleep because of bad dreams waking me up in an anxiety attack. I wake up in a terrible state an unable to calm myself. I use a medicine called prazosin to help me get through those periods of time. I know it doesn’t seem scary but my dreams are about losing my kids or letting my kids down in some way or not being able to protect them from some danger. I guess to me that’s the really scariest thing. Anyway one dream I had my son was just tiny and I saw him start to slide through these water slide tubes and I had to find an alternate route to get to him and it was convoluted and water was everywhere and I was afraid he would drown and at the end of the dream right before I woke up I got stuck in some small tubing and poked my head up and could see him above there but couldn’t get to him. It was terrifying.

I dreamed about Fernando a few weeks ago. Crazy. Why do I still think about that stupid guy? Dang

in my dreams I am always fighting off some persecutional dream. men with knives fighting me where I actually have to stab an enemy…very traumatic waking up after that…

I am afraid of knives because that’s what my nemesis in my belief system killed with and he was after me…terrifying delusions…anyways…sometimes I have euphoric dreams where I am a famous designer of houses…old career haunting me.

In my dreams on a bad night I get an energy feeling like numbing eerie feeling — constantly thinking I took up smoking again or that I’m graduating high school (though I am 31) I would speak with the teachers but they never let me go home … Many more I’ll speak of when I remember

I’ve dreamt about a friend dying at the exact time he died of an overdose when I was 17. In my dream I dreamt that I woke up in the bed I was at the time sleeping in in my bedroom and looked out the window and two saber tooth tigers very large were running towards Adam my friend who died. He had on a suit of armor and had a big sword he was fighting the tigers with and then the tigers ate him and I screamed 'nooooo" out the window and tigers looked at me suddenly and started trying to ram their heads through my bedroom window…I awoke very scared and called next door to Adam’s house even though it was about three in the morning…his mother said he had gone to Tulsa to party…the next morning my mom threw a newspaper on my lap…“isn’t that your neighbor friend?” it was…Adam had died and they had his picture in the paper…I couldn’t believe it…it’s not the only time I saw premonitions about dreams…

My dreams are dreadfully boring. I often dream about doing dishes or laundry. I’m sitting there taking clothes in and out of the washer and dryer and folding them. Or rinsing dishes and filling the dishwasher. Then hand washing the ones that can’t go in the dishwasher. So boring!

I also had a bed bug weeks ago.
It was some sort of insect.

That’s very interesting as tigers represent an aspect of your personality that has unquestioned power. Thus, this means that the power of drug addiction is overwhelming not only for your friend but you fear it also when you mention the tigers trying to get to you.

The suit of armour was you thinking that your friend did his best to fight the drug addiction but as he was eaten, it wasn’t enough.

Dreams can be an insight into your base consciousness.

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