The uglier you are the more likely you are to check yourself in the mirror or is there no correlation?

Is there a correlation? Maybe a stupid question

I don’t think you understand “ugly”. We’re men. Don’t compare yourself to the high aesthetics of feminine beauty & you’ll be fine. Mother nature has a different prejorative for masculine “beauty”.

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I check the mirror a lot and I’m BEYOND ugly… So maybe

Need more input

Don’t think there is a correlation, really. Beautiful people tend to enjoy looking at themselves, in my experience. I heard it said once that a beautiful person looks at themselves in the mirror and says, That’s me. An ugly person does the same and says, That is not me. (But that, too, depends on how someone views themselves internally.)

BTW, I also don’t understand why you think you look feminine. You have a nice, obviously male face.

Ok since school girls said I was hot and gone through 3 divorce s . you figure that one out yes?

Everyone likes to look in the mirror. The beautiful probably love too see just how beautiful they are like gazing at a beautiful work of art. The ugly look to fix this or that trying to improve upon themselves. Sometimes people like to look to see deep into their eyes and ponder and some look into the mirror and talk to themselves but I think everybody enjoys the mirror.

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I never look in the mirror, or very seldom i should say.

I’ve always had very little to do with my appearance and honestly i don’t care about it.

Im just some dead meat. Always was.

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Not 100% sure what you’re trying to say here, but men can be beautiful and “ugly” just like women (ugly is a bad word though). And women (assuming they are straight or bi…) like beautiful men just like men like beautiful women.

Its true, Guys dont have to worry about their looks like Women do.

As long as you are either financially independent, have a sense of humor or can provide security to a female, you really dont have a lot to worry about.

In today’s society men can age gracefully - females have a more difficult time with this.

For the record you dont look feminine - and who cares if you did, lots of women like softer looks in guys.

I guess I’m ugly lol.