The two halves of the brain

I don’t think the two halves of my brain communicate well. They used to give us little tests in psychology classes at college where they would read a list of words out loud and then have us write down as many of those words we could remember, and I would always finish near the last of the class. I don’t like games that require concentration, like dominos, chess, gin rummy, and so on. I only like games that are just kind of like twittling your thumbs, like spades. My concentration isn’t that great. A lot of the time when I read my attention wonders. Caffeine affects that. I would read better if I consumed less caffeine.


we studied a book called “thinking on the right side of the brain”. we were taught to draw something like a portrait photo or maybe a landscape photo hung upside down and draw it that way…after I finished my photo of an old man, it turned out exactly like the photo …try it…anyone , you don’t have to be able to draw to get it to turn out…your subconscious pays great attention to detail when it doesn’t recognize what it’s drawing…that’s why trying to draw it right side up won’t be as good as upside down…good luck…

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