The truth about Sagar Gorijala's life, typed by myself

The truth about Sagar Gorijala’s life, typed by myself…

All my life, I was too busy not knowing the true key to life and now, I think the true key to life is, one way or the other way, securing life itself and,

now that I know that I must secure life in some possible way, I find myself not learning the ways of securing life and yes,

I must learn ways of securing life and find myself living that life. Good thing is, I learned that I must learn the ways of securing life,

but I find myself not learning it and, the question is why am I bothered with something else when there is too much at stake?

I am so full of everything else but not finding myself taking the journey of securing life to what ever extent I possibly can.

Here and now, I am a total loser. I can only be a winner if I secure life and there is no alternative to securing life.

The key is here, but implementing the key is just the all important key and, the key that is even important is how the journey continues for the end is never a question that should be asked.

I failed and, maybe I will make it a thing of past. What about you? Are you finding yourself securing life?

Dear friend, you and I are no different if we don’t even start what we possibly can and then the onus is upon us to continue doing so. Thanks.


I want to try to look this life productive …!!!
I want to work even Volunteer …!!!
other wise this life looks insane and dead …!!!:sleeping:

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What you said is completely correct. When an Earthquake happens we move without hesitation if we were to be like majority of humans, that being said a minority of humans may not be shaken even by an Earthquake, so, you are right if you are shaken by an earthquake.

I was there but, memory loss and failure crippled me and I lost my brain and then I started seeking pleasure and find myself just doing what we call time-pass rather than finding myself useful and doing something productive.

You know when you live, you could at least clean the dishes in your house, but I find someone else is appointed for doing household chores, but not the dishes and yet I find myself missing.

I don’t know. All I know is I lost my life… it’s like life is no longer a respectful life.

No income, forget income, no honour

Yeah! The million dollar deal is no honour.

Without honour, life is really really disgusting.


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I live in a cocoon and find glued to the fact that my life is completely robotic and seem to have conscience and consciousness, but rather it’s hard to believe that I exist, but actually I don’t even exist.

It’s like someone is controlling everything. I don’t even exist.

That is reality.

And, reality bites !!!

Hey sagar have u ever volunteered…!!!
there is a organization called
U can some how volunteer…!!
Check it my man…!!!

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