The truth about Cumberland Hospital in Sydney

If you plan to submit yourself to this place. You MUST follow a treatment plan before they discharge you. They WILL detain you illegally even if you are voluntary. The police won’t get you out of there either so don’t bother.

They discharged me 2 weeks after the treatment plan was complete. They do have some nice professional nurses there but some there HATE their job and will discriminate you.

You need to decide yourself if there is really is NO other option left. Electrotherapy is performed at this hospital and one patient claimed to everyone he died during that treatment but was bought back to life through injection.

My treatment at this hospital was successful but a few weeks after I left my symptoms not only kicked back in but I’m now getting terrible headaches too.

Different psychiatrists has different opinions and different levels of experience. Be sure to do your research first as this is critical.

I believe the psychiatrist I dealt with at this hospital did NOT ask enough questions about my mania which kicks out the anti psychotic meds out of my system.

You will be watched by the nurses and assessed everyday with your activities and they will take notes to. Be AWARE you will be around people with serious mental problems like yourself. Many patients developed psychosis obsessions with me and I was HIGHLY discriminated and I was lucky I wasn’t physically assaulted. They ARE physical fights that happen in this place mostly at night.

Once again, do your research. If you’re not seeing results in your treatment you might even be better paying for help from someone who has proven results. And for ■■■■■ sake if you have psychosis or bipolar and you need some relief don’t do hardcore narcotics. Find another way to deal with it otherwise your condition might reach the max level it can be.

We all need some relief from our negative symptoms but those reliefs are sold in the bottle shop or from a decent doctor/psychiatrists.

I wish you all the very best.