The Truman Show - An Explanation

Hi All,

So I’ve heard others here speak about how their experiences are like being in The Truman Show when in psychosis. And I think I have an explanation.

Information travels along “the grapevine”. People talk to one another. If they receive information about you from someone and are either asked not to disclose to you where they heard it, or if the information infers that you might have a character problem, then those people may choose to test you.

This can be done by “talking in stories” or even “direct questioning” - both of which feels surreal if you cannot understand how they would have learnt about the message that they seem to be conveying in their stories or questions.

Talking in stories is an effective way of getting someone to open up about a given situation. I did it to my little brother the other day because he was having relationship troubles with his fiance, she reached out and wanted help, but did not want me to let him know that she had spoken to me. So I described a similar situation to him about me and my wife. Using weighted words (kind of like NLP - neuro linguistic programming) in order to convey a number of supporting messages, or ‘commands’, I guess.

My little brother has always been a man of few words to me. I thought he had an intellectual disability because this is what my mum has always told me. However, after telling my story to him he opened up and I got the most in-depth and meaningful response I have ever gotten from him. I guess because it was done from a place of love and he would have been able to recognize that.

I think if it’s one person who is trying to help you then it’s probably okay. However if many people know and are trying to test / “help” you, then it begins to feel as though everyone is aware of something that you are not. Like the Truman Show.


Hmm?. . .

Yes, My Thought Is, It’s A Great Movie.

Filled With Thrills, Chills, And Surprises.

Jim Carrey And The Rest Of The Cast Was Amazing And Puzzling With Unique Fun.

I Give It A, 101/10!.

Would Watch It Again.


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