The true meaning of the crucifixion. Do I need to get crucified?

How long have you been off meds? Things will probably get worse if you’re already thinking you’re “jesus”.

I believe everyone is Jesus, and everyone is me. Only me and the devil exist in this simulation of an universe.

Things will just continue to go downhill. I’d get back on some meds.

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Thanks for your words.

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Hmmm… what are your abilities while living?

Hey, you dont seem well…I think you - somehow, with meds or otherwise - need to come out of this delusion. Im a bit afraid for your safety if you talk like this.

I also believe you should get on meds. Believing you are Jesus is a common delusion with this illness. There is a book called “The Three Christs of Ypsilanti” about three patients in the same hospital with this delusion.

I tried killing myself and ended in the emergency from liver intoxication when I thought I was Jesus. Drs told my parents I would be dead if they brought me late. Also I wouldn’t have gone to the emergency if my parents didn’t come home, seen me vomiting and forced me to go to the emergency. They gave me an antidote there, something in my vein attached to a bag which is connected to a medical device. Something to clean the poison and filter the liver.

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I’d argue all three were right.

Jesus is a signifier, not a historical person. We all are the same person, trapped by the devil in a universe we helped create.

That’s fine if you are seeing things in terms of allegory and signifiers. I became dangerous to myself and others when my beliefs overtook my insight and I started to act on messages I was apparently receiving from who knows where.

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An allegory, but I fear a delusion too. But I won’t act on it.

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Has Anyone Mentioned The Movie ((()))Se7en((())) Yet?.

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Some Very Explicit Scenes

…<.><.><.>…Side Note…<.><.><.>…

:slight_smile: .(!!) Excited to Be Able to Say Jesus Christ on The Forum (!!!). :slight_smile:

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Good things come to those who wait.

What Do You Mean?.

What you said earlier: Excited to Be Able to Say Jesus Christ on The Forum

Yea, I’m Excited to Be Able to Say Jesus Christ on The Forum

IMO crucifixion was a pretty cruel thing that people with too much free time did as an entertainment. Not only Jesus was crucified.