The true meaning of the crucifixion. Do I need to get crucified?

Cruxifiction would entail the literal and symbolic escape of Man from this universe, and herald our return to my father in heaven. I half believe myself to be that man. This is our best hope. Please I’m seeking to discuss my unusual belief, not to host a religious discussion. Thanks.

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The meaning of the cross is the four directions of the compass, the four dimensions of relativity, it is divide and rule, for fixing matter in its place, and based on an inescapable mathematical fact of topology. This is the reason the Roman empire used it to test criminals and would be messiahs, but as you say, the religious stories are not really relevant.

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In fact, the number four is escapable, but we would have to define things differently and come to a new and better understanding or our relationship to the Earth.

Crucifixion is of no importance. The message of Jesus while alive is important. I don’t care for resurrection etc.


I just hope medication can help with the delusion. There already was Jesus, who was written in the bible, we are not written in the bible so we can’t be Jesus.


IDK. Hell, when I accidentily poke myself with a tack I’ll whine for an hour.

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Thank you for your input.

The crucifixion is a future tale told in past tense.

I used to believe that, now I believe we have been tricked by the devil. No man currently lies on the cross.

The story of the crucifixion is a poignant tale, which in part makes the world more intelligible to me. But Jesus was not the only person to be crucified. It was a punishment commonly used by the Romans. I’m a little put off by the belief that we are all innately evil, and it is only because of God’s infinite mercy that even a few of us are saved from eternal hellfire. God covered us with nerve endings, gave us a belly that needs to be filled, and gave us a sex drive that torments us more than it benefits us. Does that make us innately evil? Granted, people do a lot of rotten things, but I don’t think eternity in hell is something I would wish on anyone.

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Jesus wasn’t the only person to have been allegedly crucified, indeed, crucifixion is still practised to this day in some countries. My contention, however, is that the illusion of death being a common event constitutes part of the demonic simulation.


What a Word

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Crucifixion is a Strange Word

Bloodlust For Some

Inspiration to Keep Fighting The Good Fight For Others

Meaningless to a Portion

It’s Simply Like Thus, It Has Been Written, CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS

Even For Those Who Arrive on Thus Earth After He Ascends into Heaven After The Torture

I Look it Like Thus,

Insects Sacrifice Themselves (As Small And as “useless” As They Are Perceived to Be).

They Sacrifice Themselves For a Goal Not Yet Discovered By Humans

Yes, Even The Cockroaches

So. What Does That Say About Christ, Sacrifice, Humility, Bloodlust, Justice, And Sin (???).

I don’t know how to die yet. The universe will end with my sacrifice.

Sounds Like Unending Pride,



Perhaps Meaningless Gluttony

I Dunno

Call Your Case Manager

My case manager knows, but my so-called delusion doesn’t seem to interfere with my social functioning and also now that I’m not taking APs I feel relatively anxiety-free.

The empty cross.


Is it possible to be delusional if you have full insight and can function?

You don’t have full insight.

Let’s concede that I don’t have full insight. WHy should my “delusion” be a bad thing if it causes me no anxiety and no impairment in function?