The tree of life (embroidery)


I like it. Very cool and colorful. Well done you.

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Thank you- I took the advice in my other thread and did something fun.


Stunning! I love the colors

How gorgeous is that! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

@ninjastar @anon78876561

Thank you so much!

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How pretty!
Very nice!

I love it ! You’re really good at it.

I love it, It’s beautiful. You did a really good job. You’re very talented.

That’s really beautiful @laetitia. Will you frame it and hang it on the wall?

That’s very pretty

@ZombieMombie @everhopeful @Wave @leafy
Thank you so much!
Yeah I will frame it soon! Thank you.


Beautiful! You are very talented

Thanks! I still need to frame this piece but I haven’t found a frame yet.

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