The trap: when trying to reintegrate back into the workforce

When An individual sees that the opportunity cost of returning to work is too great for too little a financial return, this can create a perverse incentive to their situation.


In South Africa the benefits for disability is so low that it will just cover groceries so most people with disabilitiea ares dont have a choice but to work or stay with family if they lucky. My disability insurance would cover such a high amount though that if I ever couldn’t work I would have no insentive to since it’s about 85 percent of my current salary and tax free

The disability insurance is an extra my employer pays for all staff and it’s nice to know I’m covered. They even contribute to your pension every month and pay you a salary till retirement if your disabled

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We see that with recovering schizophrenics/disabled/mental ill and people on unemployment benefits now due to pandemic.

I may be able to work 30 hours now . But financially it doesn’t make any sense when I can make twice as much working less

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