The town greeter

Well, I actually live in a big city. I live on a fairly big street with plenty of traffic. There is rarely parking that is close to my house because my boarding house shares the street with many other group homes and also some frat houses. It makes for an interesting mix, but the college kids take up all the parking spaces on most days.So I park my car about 5 blocks away and it takes ten minutes to walk there.

But as I walk down the street to and from my car I will say “hi” to anybody coming down the sidewalk towards me. I say “How’s it going”? to the teenagers, peoples walking their dogs, the college kids, the many homeless people, the small time hoods or any other group. 90% of the time I get a friendly “hello” back and a smile. 10% of the time my timing is off, lol, and people will just ignore me or not answer back.

But I don’t mind those odds. People seem to enjoy it when I greet them and it makes me feel good too. There’s a lot of people walking their dogs that I see and I like to stop and talk to them. People with dogs are the group that it is easiest to strike up a conversation with. I learned that 25 years ago.

Dogs are great conversation starters. " Hi, what kind of dog is that"?
Or, “Hey can I pet him”? or, “Hey my dad had a dog just like that”. All good conversation starters.

Anyways, the schizophrenic janitor, with a great car, spreading cheer throughout the land and no bodies going to stop him. As Porky Pig would say, “That’s all folks”.


I’ve never been a friendly person in unfamiliar public. I guess I’m very introverted. I used to go for walks at night with my hood up and police would stop me and tell me I should know I look suspicious.

My point is, good on you, Nick. I am not as friendly as you are but if I had a dog I’m sure I’d love to stop and chat.