The topic is knowing inner peace


Well there are ways to calm down. Cancel out the external. If not the external then it must be you. Your breathing too fast saying off the wall things. No. That is not the right way maybe you are excited for whatever reason.

I will give this secret of mine away. Breathe with decision. Before you encounter anybody or go out into any restaurant. Simply check your breaths slow calculation. You will find that you will be able to ignore toxic blah blahs who have their mouths on free run. Lord knows it aint wise. Lord says lets the fool be s fool before you. While your watching how you breathe and carefully watching how you say the words, be a man of few words, but lord knows when its time for you to talk it will be wisdom. And not some gassed out sentence. This technique has prevented me from saying blatant foolish things. When you speak so doesyour heart, and we want our hearts calm,extend your arm out is it shaky? You want solid control never shaky. Bad decisions arouse from jittery panicky type behavior well there is my well thought wisdom. Took me 12 years to here buti am here and i only progress.


I like your style.

I find a few calming breaths, helps me as well. It’s almost like the beginning of meditation. Getting the mind ready… getting the deflector shields up.

Very in the now… mindfulness…

Just wanted to say I enjoy this post.


Deflector shields up precisely. I like how you worded that. Or which is it i propose a question, should a man given only one choice walk around calmly with his head down sort of avoiding stimuli. Or should a man walk around vigilant with his antennas up. I sacrifice my ego and surroundings but not in vain. There is no gain in keeping an eye out on everything. Like a race horse with eye blinders focused to keep going straight.


I’m not suggesting the avoidant shuffle…

No way…

Definitely… Boldly go… forward.

But just be aware… stay mindful and deflectors up.