The Tigers in my yard


Sup dr zen…what are u upto…where iz ur band member…

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two of them are sleeping after a long night playing. me I just got done mowing the yard.


tiger tiger burning bright in the forest of the nigght

These are my favorite flower! I wanted them to go on my wedding cake, but apparently the pollen is super poisonous and would have made all my guests throw up. So we used fake flowers instead, which weren’t as pretty.

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I always heard one could eat the buds. In fact, I’ve had a few over the years.

(I didn’t always have enough money to afford food.)



I think you can build up a tolerance if you eat them regularly.

I thought you were tripping, lol. beautiful flowers! You must have a nice yard.

Yeah, I used to eat the pods before they blossomed. No pollen!


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