The Throne of Blood

Just a little philosophy and buddhist value that Ive learned through my short time on this planet… The path of greed is a dangerous and soul sucking road if u choose to follow it. U gain the chance of becoming a temporary master of this world, with much success and power but risk losing everything u hold dear to u, such as family and friends. Tread lightly if u choose this path. I have seen humans gain everything they desire through their greed but lose all humanity to the people who care for them. Like many of these rich businessman and tyrants we see today, they have it all, but at what cost. At what cost will a man throw away everything to become a temporary blip in history? I used to want this, the power the money, but i realized, could i give up my loved ones for this temporary success?


Though everyone should know this by now just wanted to remind myself

You would love the anime/manga Berserk

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I have surprisingly yet to read that. Ive been watching noragami which is pretty good but ill check that out after. Thanks for the reccomendation.

hmmm… (i will try to tread carefully on this topic as i feel a bit of a need has arisen to do so…)
i would agree with what you have written here, Kazuma, but my belief on this topic involves more things in terms of turning something from a “negative” into a “positive”. i don’t know for sure that greed in the “evil” sense of the word really exists still, and would caution against making assumptions… or misunderstandings on whatever has happened here, for you… in trying to find a definition for greed, i happened upon the word selfish… so i think i will try to explain from the word and concept of selfishness. you don’t have to agree with me, though…
“selfish” to me means that someone is not understanding something of more significant importance than they can see at that time, or not prioritizing well, or have misplaced their faith in their abilities to see things from others perspectives…
or in another way of saying it: they don’t want to allow themselves the ability to change and transcend their beliefs from an outdated pattern and hold onto it perhaps in fear… of losing their sense of self.
there are more likely solutions to these other fears, because they, perhaps, are more understanding.
"the mind is everything. what you think you become."
this quote doesn’t imply that you can’t add on top of the concepts that you already have or that you cannot reformulate them… its probably implying more in terms of that once, say for instance, someone exists, you cannot change that the person exists… you can choose to kill this person, reason with this person, you can choose from an array of many options, but even then, once created it cannot merely uncreate itself… or perhaps it could, and no one ever knew that, that person or that thing existed… it still exists some who, some what, some when, some where, some why, and, of course, some how.
i apologize for any further misunderstandings.

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