The Three Stigmas of Schizophrenia


I have also experienced stigma among psychiatrists. When I was diagnosed in 2007, I was told after about 36 hours in the hospital that I was “permanently and totally disabled.” The doctor did not offer hope for recovery. It seemed that leaving the hospital and being stable enough to even live in the community was the highest goal I could hope for. Unfortunately, subsequent psychiatrists also offered little hope and limited options to recover and rebuild my life.

Doesn’t that bit sound familiar?


I sometimes tell people about my Dx but only after they’ve been around me long enough to trust me. It also helps that I’m physically presentable and considered fairly attractive. The more dominos that I can stack in my own favor the more other people will be on my side, so I shave, I get a haircut, brush my teeth and wear middle class type clothing. Being a rebel type in this harsh world often doesn’t go down too well, especially in Ireland because others might not take the risk of taking a chance on me.

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She once told me that the people in her life who knew her when she was sick cannot imagine her well. At the same time, the people in her life who know her today, healthy and thriving, cannot imagine her sick.

I had this kind of experience. I’m doing comparatively well regarding my schizoaffective & GAD diagnosis - full time job as senior software engineer, wife, mortgage, etc. But my old social circle is gone. They look at time like I’m lunatic. F***ing people.


Yeah, the stigma of schizophrenia past, the stigma of schizophrenia present and the stigma of schizophrenia future.

God bless us, every one.


Nice use of a pun Lee.

It sounds familiar to me.

People are more complex than a few sentences in DSM or ICD