The threat to intelligence in the developed world

In the last decade, those who are esteemed, considered experts

have been challenged by the fact that anyone can be a reporter,
a blogger, a video maker,

and we don’t have to count on ownership or bias.

Too often though, those who sell the books
have to be known, because we are trained by trusting

the masses. There actually needs to be ways of marketing
fresh ideas and insights, and it starts with these power lords.

If they aren’t recommending and supporting outside of the establishment,
say, those who have MFA’s, those who have their own shows,
or columns, the thought of knowledge stays stagnant.


I love alternative media, albeit as a supplement to MSM.

Greg Hunter is good for economy doomology.
Inessa S is good for Russian insight.
Teal Swan is good for self-help.
Periodic Table of videos and numberphile are cool university channels, as well as crash course and VSauce and Veritassium, also there are lots of independent science experimenters out there.

So yeah, I totally agree this is a good thing.

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Yep, the trivialization of everything. It’s just a perk of internet era.

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All social media does is give a voice to the millions of people that nobody ever wanted to hear. Literally any ■■■■■■■ can get on line and voice their opinions.
Face book is a perfect example of this.

I was doing discussion boards, forums, interaction with others online

back in 2003, or earlier. The big thing back then was Yahoo Groups,
Yahoo IM, My Space, and MSN messenger.

I’m not on Facebook, but I would imagine it’s all of these old ones combined.
Linked In has groups too, but they aren’t as frequent in use as this one.

I would imagine those on Facebook giving their opinions the most,
are the college educated people who learned how to make a point

through writing or speech.

"the problem with those who know it all,

is that they’re too cocksure of themselves to be wrong,

and the problem with those who admit they might be wrong
is they’re too timid to shake things up."


From my view of the world through youtube …the dumb ■■■■ is the most popular…not saying the good original stuff doesn’t get the attention it deserves…it just over shadowed by the latest stupid trend that’s going on…I ■■■■■■■ hate the gimmicky ass vines full of nonsense…

They used to say,

great writers, make great audiences.

not sure that’s true anymore.

I agree it seems the stupid is winning…thank god universal truths arnt measured in mass appeal…the world would be flat and everyone would be doing the nay nay…


But to be fair the really good smart artistic ones do have large audiences like I said they just get over shadowed by the latest dumb craze…

do you think that’s just the American Idiot syndrome?

Its hard to disagree with that diagnosis… You really have to dig through the dumb to find any sign of intelligence… And they are the underdogs for sure…

The real experts on anything are too preoccupied with doing real work to waste too much time trying to tell people about it.

They gotta pay the bills.

If spreading awareness and information is your field of specialty… I don’t really know what the true efficacy of any outlet really is aside from the political affiliation to one of two parties.

You want your word sold as law? You stepping into the arena? Prepare to get cut down…

Only the most flawless, well thought out, modest folk ever make a voice that holds throughout time. For many literary off shoots of themselves are secondary to their primary designation of employment. They become experts at what they do… they pioneer new insights into different fields and for that they earn getting heard.

Take david foster wallace… excellent motivator. Modern and relate-able to all the new age contemplation s of the mild depression and anxiety we all feel just going about our lives. The self-glorification adn the tendency to disdain others who are different… all that… he frames it up so well in his speeches and writings. He gave understanding, direction, and hope too millions… only to wind up killing himself. Lol… the irony… He didn’t want to be famous. He was just right. He came up with his own coping mechanisms throughout his depression and shared them because he had an honest soul. It was honest to itself and beyond critically rational. He NEEDED strong resound logicisms that would hold up under all scrutiny just too survive… and he shared them with all of us.

The mind in my opinion is meant for processing information.

When they use it to profligate from their position either because they’ve made money or earned respect

They get too righteous in their intentions.
That’s why it’s good those of my favorites in history never got acclaim in their lifetime.

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The greatest sign of intelligence is the admittance of not knowing or being uncertain.


Let them fall flat as bafoons if they stand on inadequate ground.

No one’s word is law. You don’t have to buy their books.

I’m telling you… those who get the easy ca-ching from book sales have done something else to get the proper clout behind their names.

Einstein was mathematician and physicist… who wound up being seen as more of a philosopher. Happens many times. Sam Harris is a neuroscientist first and secondarily a critic of religion. Richard Dawkins was an evolutionary biologist and his first works proposed theories and documented the untold history of evolutionary development… and now he finds himself as a militant anti-theist… but his work all started in science.

Could go up and down the list. Politicians live their whole lives around selling themselves. Resolved to keep their dirt swept under the rugs (or at least leave them sweepable) just to fit into the political limelight at all… let alone rise above by making the correct contacts and play the real game of gaining socioeconomic power. We should be glad they do! The world would be much worse if the industrial complexes alone were crafting our politicians… because of the american game of politics… at least a small part of the puppets up there have to be conscientious of our opinions.

Really the word is “think” and it shouldn’t be spread by force…

Not so bad with industry and major corps. They give to both parties cuz they’re on record.

Gets bad when it’s all one sided.

Great Writers Make Great Thieves .


They give to both parties to keep their influence secure regardless of the winner. Their influence is more powerful than the populace.

Economic collapse is more feared than mutiny by a dissatisfied america. Joblessness is a corner stone to that pivot of critical threshold of dissatisfaction… which also folds back into the hands of the establishment on a smaller scale than overall economic security.

It’s all ■■■■■■■■. That’s why I ignore politics.

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