The thoughts that pass through your head

Woke up this morning just before 3 to the sound of the town clock. The thought that crossed my mind? This is a town of evil like in some of those horror movies. No idea why that ■■■■ came into my head.


Good morning…!!! Let the clock tick…!!!


Yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night hearing someone knocking on my door. It was nobody

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I slept like a baby

Then turn it to the city of angles, at least you are not evil,

I heard some banging sounds – one of them real, 'cos my dog heard it, too.

So did I thank goodness.

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I frequently wake up in the middle of the night “hearing” a neighbor talking about having to move out and blaming me for it, though I keep to myself and don’t really talk to anyone in my apartment complex. It happens 2-3 times a week.

I have songs going through my head all of the time. And it is usually the songs that I’m practicing playing on my digital piano. And it’s constant 24/7. It isn’t hallucinations either. It is my own thoughts.

I understand where you’re coming from :slight_smile: In my case, I hear the male voice when I’m at work, in the car, etc, so that’s how I know it’s not an actual neighbor.

It’s a 24/7 voice, the “primary” voice. He’s what I understand to be the closest approximation of my subconscious that I can consciously interact with.

He’ll go back and forth between discussing my life and my finances, to praising me for the stuff I do for my grandma, to lambasting me for not being nice 100% of the time to my mom, back to praising me for doing good at work, to telling me I’m a loser for playing video games.

It is what it is. At this point I just listen to him because I get bored easily, but I don’t ever “listen” to him. I just listen to what he’s saying, if you get my drift.

Finally fell asleep around 2 am. Woke up around 3 am because of the neighbour’s pitbull barking its fool head off again. Have been keeping a ‘bark log’ for two months and the town has yet to do anything about that sodding canine. Never did make it back to sleep.

Been having stress dreams lately that are semi-nightmares. Not sleeping is a relief these days.

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