The thoughts are being sent to people who know me

The person transmitting thoughts to my mind has today informed me that they are now sending signals to everyone who knows me, including family, friends, doctors and mental health professionals.
This means that nobody will be able to help me because they are being programmed to not believe or understand me. They will expect me to function in the outside world even though I cannot.
I don’t know what to do. I am alone in this fight.


Can you go into the hospital now? They will help you. You are not alone.

I don’t need to go to hospital and they won’t be able to help me anyway.
This thing is getting into the minds of everyone who I reach out to- I can see it in their eyes. I will never be ill enough for help in their eyes… the thing will make sure of that.

My community psychiatric nurse is visiting me tomorrow but I bet he will just brush it off like it’s no biggie.

You are not alone, they will help you but you should listen to them and take the meds. :slight_smile:

That is quite a elaborate thought.

Just a thought though, not you know, actual.

Hopefully you find your margin, you sound well written when you type, the idea is not real though.

I truly hope you find rest to this so it can be put to rest and you can finally let your worries go.

Wishing you well, seek help where provided.


That “thing” you are talking about is not real. It’s a creation of your own mind.
Go see a doctor and take the meds they prescribe you. You will be much better.


Yes, today the thoughts have been extremely loud and extremely angry at me. They are doing this to punish me and they have been very detailed about what they are doing.

The things you just said are exactly the kinds of things that the people around me are being programmed to think. There is no way I can save them from this… the signals are invisible and travel through the air amongst the unnoticed electromagnetic radiation. Once they are absorbed into minds, there is no going back.

The sender(s) have plans to harm me, and they have done for a long time.

This probably all sounds crazy to you but just be glad that you are not personally involved. The person/people sending the thoughts are very nasty and dangerous.

Why can’t you function in public?
Do you take any meds right now?

The technology to send thoughts via electromagnetic waves doesn’t exist.
You are safe, trust me.

I’ve been to see doctors many times in the past few months. They just ask me how I’m doing and send me on my way, even when I am feeling very suicidal.
This is proof that what I am saying is true. Surely if the doctors thought I was a danger to myself, they would hospitalise me, no? Instead, they are being controlled by the sender to not do anything.
This way, the sender has complete control over me. I am their doll.

Because I’m almost constantly being sent horrible thoughts. They tell me what the people around me are thinking about me. I am so disturbed by this that I can’t even focus on what is happening around me.
In my last part-time job, customers would talk to me but I would only hear their thoughts. Then the thoughts would keep circling around my head and keep collecting there like tar on lungs.
The same thing happens when I meet up with friends.

Nobody believes me though. I’m currently taking citalopram and propranalol.

Well, i would think such a thought to be imaginary or a delusion, but i understand and can’t imagine the difficulties your going through. I have dealt with having ideas, not to say the one your having,
But really twisted ideas myself.
I experience a divergent state of mind and all it’s elaboraties and deludeness.
I’ve been down the bunny hole.

But on the real,
I’d seek professional help, and talk to your close ones about the symptoms your experiencing, it’s all in your head.
Best of luck.

Tell your doctor or nurse tomorrow that you need an antipsychotic because you can hear other people’s thoughts.
Trust me, they will give you a better medicine if you tell them that.
And your nightmare will end, you will get better.


You can get through to your doctor and nurse. Keep telling them how you hear other people’s thoughts and how it’s unbearable. Ask for an antipsychotic. It might take a little while to get the right person to pay attention but they will.

From the other thread:

If you just take the med your pdoc prescribed you, you won’t hear the senders anymore, they won’t have control over you anymore, and won’t be able to tell you how much to eat.

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Im with you…ive thought the same thing before…but i dont believe it in this moment. If our thoughts vacillate so, what does that say about us?

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Hi @Jesspresso, sorry you’re going thru this. I suffer from intrusive thoughts and felt, people I know, celebrities could read my mind. I also have people in my body that tell me I’m a whore, pervert or even worse. Be around people who care please. Tell them what’s going on for you.


Apparently I’m being referred to an ‘early intervention psychosis team’.

I’m just finding it so hard to see what I’m experiencing as psychosis right now. I can’t tell the people around me what is going on. The only reason I can talk to mental health professionals and doctors about it is because they are not allowed to say anything to me like “stop being stupid” or “you’re making it all up” like my family would.


The early intervention psychosis team is cool.