The Thought From the Machine: Neural Basis of Thoughts

this functional neuroimaging study used a novel setup to convince healthy participants that a technical device triggers thoughts in their stream of consciousness. Self-reports indicate that participants experienced their thoughts as self-generated when they believed the (fake) device was deactivated, and attributed their thoughts externally when they believed the device was activated-an experience usually only reported by patients diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Finally,you realized that the person listens to a Thoughts not to a Voices !
And you trying to set a model that matches the realities of sz condition

How do you enter a thought’s data into the stream of consciousness ?
(this phenomenon called a human inspiration )

It’s too early for scientists to have the tools and method to do something like this !

In principle,it is refers to the mechanism that constitutes the correct model that corresponds the realities of the thought emitter inputs of sz condition ( who has all tools and self-characteristics to input a malicious thoughts within the stream of the conscious mind of human being )

It is impossible to have a way to interning a thought’s data in the present mind
FOR example;
How do you put the data of the different ideas implicitly in the input wave ;
1-I want to drink a cup of hot tea
2- He wants to drink a cup of iced tea
3- She wants to drink a glass of water …etc

How do you distinguish between the ID of people in the idea statements ?

By entering data of ideas into the stream of consciousness

How can you modify the person’s thoughts about his self-identity,the identities of others,his relationships with Some members of society (family,relatives,friends,neighbors,classmates,work …etc) and make them far from reality that are supposed to be on it ?

How can you do something like this with a day or two while the person is in a conscious state Not in a state of sleep/dream or under the influence of alcohol or drugs or the like ?

How can you overcome the person’s will and compel him to accept the modifications in his own self thoughts and make him believed them for a period of time ?

How do you force the person to make decisions ,behavioral responses and his feelings towards the society individuals Based on the ideas you entered into the stream of consciousness ?

How can you change his self-knowledge of the historical events of his past memories,and invent a superstitious causes and imprint them in the brain memory and make them a part from the personal memories of the person for awhile and make the person believed them ???

Without going to the details,the mechanism of intervention within the stream of consciousness by a thoughts from a machine is more complex than the simple introductions of the current theoretical hypotheses