The thing that triggered my schizophrenia


Wow. That’s harsh. And very threatening and scary for recipients.

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That’s what happened to me

I’m sorry @Crazy . That really sucks. Are you ok now?

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At the time it drove me crazy but the sliver linings is I’m in a better situation now but I still hate that it happened @ZmaGal

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Not to get political but our last government was doing some seriously sketchy things. I see there’s already changes so hoping they revamp the welfare system. It really needs some serious work after all that rubbish like the robodebt. Our pensions just went up $40 a fortnight so that is a good start…I expect the current government to do better things for our community.


I hope they do something for people with disabilities stuck on jobseeker, for me now being on pension it made a big difference

Yeah the pension is so much better. Jobseeker is a joke and I feel for those who are stuck there. There is the NDIS but that is complicated for most.

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