The terror attack on muslims in NZ


How bad is this.

Poor Muslims got gunned down in mosque…


I feel for them. Same thing happen in Quebec in 2017


All these churches keep getting gunned down.


This is very sad. 49 deaths so far and many others injured. From what I have heard from news reports here in Australia the gunman was an Australian.


Has it stopped yet? Im scared for them


I don’t know, I only heard about it briefly. I hope my church is not next though.


:pray: that is sad news


This is terrible news. I don’t get how there were two shootings in separate locations. Also I heard the shooter live streamed the murders on social media. What an age we live in. :open_mouth:


you can blame the right wing extremists

my good friend Tiki says slaughter is happening widespread to Muslims

nobody does anything about it

and damn guns. hate 'em.


Horrible. He Said it was revenge.


The Muslim extremists and the white extremists are as bad as each other. They’re a blot on society.


a sad waste of living people… why do they keep killing them. its not right.


I ve been to a cathedral and i counted 3 security guys. Am i protected by my believes or not? There is no protection being stupid.


Muslims are badly persecuted all over the world. In China they are put in education centers while people like the Rohyingas get murdered for their beliefs. Things like this should not be happening in the developed world. It only takes one misguided person with a gun for things to get out of control.


I Think everyone is tired of this stuff. We have to learn and have security guards on moskees. Just like school shootings in us led to more security.


Nobody should be gunning down anyone. The whole thing sucks.