The sz Bill of Rights

There are no wrong or incorrect submissions. I am creating a Bll of Rights for people dz with sz. I’ll start:
one: no pot
two: eat a balanced diet
three: exercise daily
four: sleep all you need
five: relax and meditate
six: spend time with people you love
seven: age well
eight: take one day at a time
nine: stay on your meds


It’s a pretty complete list yo!

Accept your place in life and accept your illness. Push yourself but don’t break yourself.
It’s fine to live with parents and whatnot.

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One right we have that is official and written down is the right to be treated with the least restrictive methods possible.


Pot helps some people. It’s ignorant to say that all schizophrenics should stay away from pot no matter what their previous experience with it is. If it helps you, go ahead and smoke it. Even if you have sz. But everything in moderation.

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I do all these things. Honestly I was smoking a little pot…like 1 or 2 hits at my neighbors up until 2 weeks ago…at first I thought it was okay but it was starting to take its toll on me. Realized I’m way better off without it. It was easy for me to quit.


Thaz , (hes talking about pot , treebeard)

But Thaz ,

and Thus Is Important ,

That’s If It Is LEGAL In Your State ,

No Need For Fines and Such ,

and Possible Sentences …


I Once Said ,

and Thus Is For Those With Active Imaginations ,


Grab Your Mountain Dew OR Smoke & Pretend It’s Either Liquor OR A Cannibis Type Drug Yo Yo ,

Nothing Stupid WIll Happen and You Will Be Able To Get Tha Drug Itself Out Of Your Desire … ,


Lyke I Said Before On Thus Syte ,

Drink Lyke 3 Mountain Dews and Then Eat an Apple ,

So Sip On Your Soda and Make It Last A While ,

PRETEND It’s Some Kind Of Liquor & Your Placebo Self (YES , TAKE YOUR MEDS) But Your Placebo Self Will Feel Unusually Different OR NOTHING AT ALL (!!!) ,

Perhaps You Will See Something Within That Will Be Able TO Let Go Of That Desire Of Nonsense All Tha T(Y)me …

Maybe Get Some Painting Supplies and Paint A Picture While You Drink Your Mountain Dew ,

Give It A Try ,

You Mite Lyke It Yo Yo …

But Towards Thus Brand New Exclusive Bill Of Rights ,

I Think It Looks Cool ,

Anyone/else Have ANY Disagreement With It (???)

Preaching to the choir, thanks for the input.

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I would add some mental exercises like Sudoku, reading, chess, or math problems or something. Even something like arts and crafts would be beneficial.


Ending a sentence with whatnot is punishable by seeing a middle aged woman say the word whatnot. number one is changed to… optional!

i love the sleep all you need one!

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Eat this an whatnot she says.

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I think it’s best for most of us but not all of us…I am too intense for some of the items.

Not to stir the pot, but don’t you feel life better enjoyed with it?

Think about things your (already warped) brain in a different way. I guess I am lucky, I just get a ton of energy.

Definitely not. Weed is so bad for me. Its other drugs and alcohol I have a problem with. But weed I hate and it’s bad. It’s no good.

Try to not be rejectful to yourself, and love the friend within.

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finally a man with some sense. cj, care to sign the sz Bill of Rights.

You’re probably right. Amendment 1 changed to optional*

*optional subject to doctor review, full medical evaluation, a team of people with you 24/7, studying, observing your every mode, charts, pencils, bobby pins, all of it.

How’s sz life living in L.A? I use to want to live there.

I really don’t know. How do you find others with sz?