The Symptoms And Medication

Are the symptoms that are diagnosed in the schizophrenic individual
are the same symptoms that be treated by medical drugs ?

for example,if Sz symptoms be classified as a positive and negative symptoms
{like delusional beliefs,paranoia,social withdrawal,linguistic disorder …etc}
the question:
Are the medical drugs have direct effect on the positive/negative symptoms of Sz ?
Practically,the medical drugs do not effect on the mental or behavioral symptoms themselves(can not development any modification to the cultural content of the personal thoughts}

according to the biological theory
The medical drugs have effect only on the causes of symptoms ,on the consideration that
each mental/behavioral symptom have been generated by action of abnormal chemical cause
Thus,according to the materialist theory,there is abnormal chemical substances be sorted
in the brain causing abnormal interactions which in turn producing disordered thoughts which in turn led to abnormal behavioral characteristics

so that,the cause of symptom is the total effect of the following factors:
abnormal chemical substances
abnormal actions
abnormal results
which they have effect on the basic chemical processes of the brain and that led to
the development of brain imbalance generally

so,what is mechanism of medical drugs to treatment this abnormality ?
1-stop,disable or discouragement the sorting process of abnormal chemical substances
2-disable all patterns of abnormal actions
3-disable the effect of results on the basic chemical processes
4-disposal the waste of all chemical interactions

the question
are the effect of medical drugs is win hands down “career” in erasure the mental and
behavioral symptoms ?
if the schizophrenic individual get rid from the schizophrenia case by the completed
disappearing of mental and behavioral symptoms ?

My meds never did help the positive symptoms.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they did.

Wish I could focus long enough to read your posts, they sound interesting.

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I would take meds if it only got rid of the negative symptoms, because I don’t mind the positive symptoms.
I stopped the haldol decanoate shots 75mg(?) every 2weeks because their was nothing(literally) inside my head. No voices, not chatter, nothing. I got too lonely.

atabo, your English may not be perfect ( not many people are) but I understand you. It’s just sometimes your posts are so long I can’t focus completely on them.

What is your primary language if you don’t mind saying?