The SunnyBoy (A Positive New Documentary Movie on Schizophrenia)

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Movies that cover people with schizophrenia have gotten a lot better in the past decade or so, but there are still too few good ones.  ”A Beautiful Mind” (the hollywood version of the life of John Nash) was the notable first well-known hopeful story about a person with schizophrenia, and thankfully now there are more…

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I have a simple view
in all biological researches about the causes of sz, like genes,changes in anatomical structure of brain areas and in chemicals of brain ,we find that,all researchers using the following words to describe the claimed causes; " may be led to,
help to, develop ,have a key role , may be have a link with, contribute to ,have a risk …etc ?
=they are a words that give not any credibility to the medical research
=and there is no any actual scientific evidence in the researches to prove that,the claimed causes by researches are the causes of schizophrenia

in normal science,with a disease like flu,the doctor say :the virus is the cause,and he did not said ; may be the virus led to flu,or says the virus have a link with flu disease …etc

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I have very simple questions

1-Is excessive hunger,led to {or cause} the schizophrenia
2-Is excessive expectation,in the bad intentions of individuals of
community led to " or cause " the paranoia ?
3-is excessive knowing the natural phenomena,led to an adaptation
of delusional cultural believes ?
4-Is excessive religiosity led to an adaptation of delusional
religious beliefs ?
5-Is excessive reading and watching Sci-fi movies led to SZ ?
or turn into scenarios of events that occur in the imagination
of the viewer all time of vigilance,continuously and uninterrupted forever ?
6-Is excessive in the self-contempt or self-glorification led to sz ?
7-Is excessive in the social isolation led to the sz ?
-Is excessive of family problems led to sz
-is excessive of psychological problems led to sz
-Is excessive of daily life problems causing the sz
-IS EXCESSIVE in exercise any of human behavior causing the sz
8-is excessive in chemicals of brain led to sz ?
there are many of many similar questions
the question
if all these things causing one single phenomenon “SZ” ?
if it is so easy to creation the sz by randum action of the claimed causes ?

in fact,when sz occurs,it is effects on all aspects of human behavior,the bad
behavior becomes worsen more than expected degree,
the good behavior disappears most of time

it must be,there is one single cause effects on the basic nature of the human to generate
the different symptoms of the case so-called schizophrenia
-look at the nature,
the universe has coming from explosion of single small mass,which creates all stars,planets,moons and the living life
-the human being has coming from one sperm,which developing into
many physiological /psychological phenomena

for what reasons,we belief that,there are random interactions between many causative factors to creates one single phenomenon { SZ } ?

atabo when time is taken to read what you write, you do make very good points. You are right. No one knows for sure the cause of sz. They have a lot of theories. As you say: may be, have a key role in, contribute to… So far they have not proven that any one theory is the actual cause.

I don’t know if excessive thinking, knowing etc leads to delusions etc or if whatever sz is leads to excessive thinking etc.
I agree that if everything that they claim may be or is a key role or contributes to sz, then it would be created more frequently as everyone experiences these random causes. In my opinion most theories do not hold up under inspection as you can have identical twins therefore one sperm and one egg where one twin “develops” sz and one doesn’t. Therefore most of the theories regarding how or why it develops would lead to both twins having sz however that is not the case so what is the cause if one twin did not develop sz under the same circumstances? No one has that answer. They seem to know what chemical imbalances are being affected however they don’t know what causes that imbalance to happen in the first place. More theories.

I do not believe sz is one single phenomenon. Not everyone who has sz is affected the same or have the same symptoms therefore it can not be one single cause.

I know that you have a hard time communicating on here sometimes and I’m sorry about that. With patience, your English is very understandable. I hope you always feel comfortable commenting on my posts. I welcome your input the same an anyone else’s.

Thank you for your honest and understanding my points
1-when i said {sz is one single phenomenon },this
is different about "sz is one single type "
2-you know,diabetes is one single disease,but there are
many types of diabetes
3-all schizophrenia cases have specific stables and variables,
they have similarities,but in the same time they have many aspects of differences to a degree that there is no two
similar cases of sz in the worlds ,to a degree that we can deal
with the sz case as individual case !
4-cause of sz effects on the mind-psychic functionally and existentially ,which in turn causing a disorder in the chemical balance of the brain
so that there are psychological,mental,emotional,behavioral symptoms and the manifestations of chemical imbalance
-it must be there is one single cause effects on the mind-brain of the host / or
there is one single cause effects on the basic nature of the host

all psychiatry theories are fail to find the cause of sz,because the main idea is
building on that an abnormal biochemistry {for genetic causes} in the brain causing the psychic-mental
symptoms of sz {thought and behavior disorder },
In reality , the disorder in the psychic-mental functions {for metaphysical cause} led to all aspects of chemical imbalance features !

if the gene creates all aspects of human thought and behavior
but in fact, the basic case of sz"inner case" and
all inner symptoms “existential symptoms” are not thought or behavior in nature

*this fact is obstructs all genetic researches ,and all medical theories,and
all treatment methods and all ways of understanding or explanation of sz *
it is the specific data which any scientist search about because it is
the higher truth of sz and it is not personal view

-in other words,the inner symptoms which so-called hallucination
is not a human thought or behavior in nature
-this means that,the human gene can not create the sz case or its inner symptoms,
and this means that sz is not genetic condition or disease,and this means that the sz
can not transmission from the parents to sons

SO,if sz is not" genetic disease" and is not “genetic condition”
,the studying of twins case must be prove this fact !
IN ACTUAL REALITY :smile: the gene have no responsibility to produce the sz case or its inner symptoms

Although,the sz is not a genetic disease or even a genetic condition
the question
why the doctors believe that ,sz is genetic disease ?

1- whatever the upswing features which has been appeared on
the behavior of the schizophrenic and his thought,but he stills suffer
from the inner symptoms that so-called hallucination
2- all types of medical drugs are unable to remove the
inner symptoms “hallucinations”
3- so ,after take medical drugs for may years,the individual
stills suffer from symptoms of sz
4- we know that, there is no recovery from the genetic diseases,and
this particularity is apply for the schizophrenia too !

5-this means that,there are similarity between the genetic diseases
and the schizophrenia regard with the recovery issue,in the face of deference of
nature and causes both of them

6- in the case of genetic disease,the medical drugs can make up effects
on the chemical of brain,but in the schizophrenia the medical drugs can
not make up any effects on the visual and auditory hallucinations,
the chemicals of brain do not produce the visual and auditory hallucinations,
the mind and psychological functions do not produce the visual and
auditory hallucinations

the content of visual and auditory hallucinations are not chemical or mental in nature
and they are merely a higher knowledge information “perceptional outputs” without
actual stimuli in the external environment { the source of these perceptional outputs
has coming from out side the brain and mind and the external environment }

then,the medical drugs can not effects on the movement or content of the
higher knowledge information processes which produced by functional
activities of the hallucinations for 3 causes:
it does not coming from actions of brain biochemistry
it does not coming by action of mental and psychological functions
it does not coming from the external environment {it is not sensual inputs or mental response

so that,all doctor see that,sz is chronic case,because the sz case still in the psychological world of the schizophrenic whatever the time of medication treatment,so it is appears as a genetic disease WHILE it is not !!

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Sunnyboys frontman Jeremy Oxley and wife Mary talk about living with schizophrenia

SHE is a carer nurse and gardener, but first and foremost, Mary Oxley is a wife.
Mary has dedicated her life to caring for her husband, Jeremy, the singer-songwriter frontman of hit ’80s band The Sunnyboys, whose life has been plagued by schizophrenia.
Mary’s story emerged after an online coaching tool was launched for carers of those with schizophrenia.
About one million Australians are directly or indirectly affected by the illness.
Mary and Jeremy’s love story began when her two boys decided their mum needed a boyfriend and reached out to Oxley after hearing of his diagnosis.

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