The Sun Always Shines out of Darkness

A close friend of my mom and I has aggressive cancer. The doctor said she has between three weeks and three months left. Seeing her tonight she’s much more out of it then she was earlier this week, but was also just started on a hefty dose of morphine. I keep praying that she would just be comfortable. I feel so helpless and wish there was something I could do for her or her family. I’m friends with her youngest daughter who is ten years older then me. She has anxiety and depression and goes to the same community mental health center as I do. I’m trying to be as supportive to her as I can and offer my experience. I feel really blessed to know their family. They’ve been there for my mom and I when we needed them. Now we’re trying to be there for them. My mom is an Occupational Therapist and is so good with her friend. She seems to know how to comfort her and knows how to transfer her from the bed to the commode or wheelchair.

Out of this horrible situation came a benefit. Our friend’s son works for a software development company. My mom told him how I’m going to school for computer programming. He was really interested in me. He told me his company has all kinds of perks. They have ping pong tables, air hockey, and Foosball games. They have a fridge full of food for the employees and do outings. If you get positive reviews from customers you’ve worked with the company gives you a $100 Amazon gift card. He told me he could get me an internship with them. I’m so excited! He said you have to work hard but it’s a fun environment. That’s not a problem I’m very driven and don’t stop until I get my work done. I told him my GPA and he was impressed. He said I could come and tour the company and talk to some programmers. The only thing is the company is about a two hour drive away, but I told him I have my iPod and wouldn’t mind driving it. It was a great conversation too. We talked about software development and the computer industry and not only did I know what he was talking about I contributed to the conversation. It was funny no one around us knew what we were talking about. It’s great they do object oriented programming and I’m focusing on Java in school. I’m going to look into and study it so I’m familiar. I’m just so excited! It gives me so much hope for the future. :sunny:


thats so sad situation it must be hard being there for your Mums friend so sorry, But all so you must be so proud of your self, Good luck its fated out

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Your friend is lucky to have you for a friend. Good luck on your new job.

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