The stupid joke I did at work whilst manic?

I can’t help but feel guilty. So basically the guy is my language. So I asked him to search a name for me on the database so it goes something like this (I’ll use another language coz I don’t want to be traced) I said search for “mein hu” and if you cannt find the name search for “bakra” as middle name attached to the first name. Then it took him a few seconds to realise He’s called himself a goat lol I’m so embarrassed.

I didn’t do it out of nowhere. He was making fun. Should I even go back to work?

That sounds harmless, @Ish, I don’t think you need to be embarrassed.

You can just say you were messing :3. No need to be embarrassed.
If it is any condolence, one time in a maniac phase, I stole my neighbors xmas tree. I even hid it in my backyard! **they weren’t home and I dragged it to my house. Thought I was so clever. Until the obvious trail of pine needles gave it away…My mother was so ashamed. D:

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They know I was messing however I don’t do such thing. Lol

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Read this out loud…

“I am Sofa King wee Todd Didd.”

(try that one at work!) :blush:


Only got the first part lol

That is a harmless joke. Nothing to be ashamed of. I think it was a funny joke.

My sister has an unusual name sounding somewhat like “pee” in swedish. I called the woman where you can get a phone number and asked for my sister’s phone number. The woman thought I was messing with her. I had to convince her for several minutes to search for her number.

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I went to school with a kid from Africa whose name was spell Q-E-F but was pronounced KWEEF. When I went to a school reunion a few years ago everyone else had been saying it wrong and got so offended when I called him by his actual name. It took about 15 minutes for him to explain I was right and he had just never felt like explaining to anyone before about his name.

besides in college I tricked a Muslim student into eating pork, a much worse offense. I had no idea back then it was a religious thing, I thought it was a personal choice. I felt so bad after I found out the truth behind it. I even took up religious studies as a side program to make up for it so I would never make the same mistake.

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