The Structure of Freedom Being Chipped Away

There is,

A Time to Laugh. And a Time to Cry. A Time to Awake. And a Time to Let it All Go. Whether “alone”, or in The Middle of a Crowd, The Term ‘Ideas of Reference’ Comes to Mind.

So. What is Ideas of Reference?.

The Medical Community Would Say, (Adding The Word ‘Delusion’ Also), The Professionals Say: ‘Ideas of reference and delusions of reference describe the phenomenon of an individual experiencing innocuous events or mere coincidences and believing they have strong personal significance’. (From Wikipedia).

And I Wonder, as I Take Another Sip From My Soft Drink. I Am Curious as to Why, The Professionals Want to Chip Away The Structure of Freedom Felt. By Feeling as if We, (As Patients), Have a Special Place in Thus Universe During Moments of Slight Confusion, Perhaps Discomfort, or a Form of Coexisting Among The Rest of Society, Civilization, And Culture.

I Mean, It is Our Lives, So of Course it’s All About Us. If One of Us Walks Into a Room Filled With Strangers. As We Walk Through The Door, Most People in The Room is Going to Notice Us. No Matter How Much Thought is Added to Their Wandering Eye. It is True, It Was All About Us. Even if Only For a Brief Second.

Is That Delusional?. Honestly, is That a Problem?.

To Be Important?. Even if Only For Ourselves. I Don’t Understand The Medical Term in The Slightest. To Say, if Someone Feels Important, Living Their Own Life Productively And Peacefully. Why Stamp a Form of Shame & Guilt to Those Already Having to Defend Themselves With Almost Every Word Uttered From Our Mouths.

Consistently Having to Defend Our Values, Hopes, And Dreams. Against Textbooks it Seems.

Strange Universe I Admit.

So. Is The Structure of Our Internal/External Freedom Being Endlessly Carved Away?.

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If a schizophrenic wants to live as semi-functional mess halfway in la-la land it’s his call.

Not the most morally respectable thing to do when treatment exists to make the person pay taxes at least.

All I Am Actually Saying is, Each Perspective in Each Unique Human Being is Important.

Much Comes From Those Who Accept The Reality That, Their Lives Are of Significance.

Hardly “la-la land”.

It’s literally la-la land. Dream land. The faculties responsible for dreaming are overactive in a schizophrenic and generating waking hallucinations.

I’m sure each schizophrenic has a unique inner narrative, kind of like abstract art to the “powers that be”, but as someone living on earth, you have to be relevant to people there, not just some scary nonfunctional threat that is draining resources and time.

It’ll not feel like work if the treatment is ideal. But if it feels like work to push, then just reconcile that. You’re working for God, then. Putting on a show for Him. You’ll be paid for it, eventually. Just not on earth so much. Keep busy.

I Personally Find, ‘Ideas of Reference’ to Be a Term, Used in a Negative Sense.

To Hide The Fact That Those Under That Metaphorical Umbrella, Are of Importance. To Someone or Something.

And There is Much to Learn in it’s “threat”, I Like to Say.

In The End, Spiritually Fulfilling Perhaps.

Ideas of reference aren’t the threat, per se. Unless they evoke some kind of violent outburst.

Schizophrenics are in a very strange place, they can be triggered by the most inane stuff. Like in a bad headspace I get triggered so easily. That’s ancient history though.

Very True, Psychologically, And Physically. Always Having to Defend Personal Beliefs.

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