The story of two eggs

On the 4th of July 2001 I had my little demonstration in North Miami Beach. Basically I waved a red flag. Then an old man in his 80s paid attention to my behavior and I sat down next to him to discuss matters. He told that he was a Jew who had been a partisan and fought the NAZIs in the forests of Poland. In this way he had survived the 2nd WW and was not sent to the concentration camps. Basically he decided to fight and not to give up. He told me how they had worn the German army uniforms in their efforts to counter the NAZIs. He also told how he had eaten two eggs a day. I lived at the time in my auto mostly in Miami and Miami Beach and my diet was not very good and so I started eating two eggs a day to improve my diet. I bought a small gas stove and I also started cooking rice and mixing these two eggs with this rice. I think this change helped me to survive in my auto living. And so I am eating still two eggs a day with some sausage which is quite a good addition to my diet. So this was the story of two eggs.


It seems the answer to a long and healthy life lies in consuming eggs on a daily basis @mjseu. Emma Morano, an Italian woman that died in 2017 at the age of 117 ate 3 eggs a day from the age of 20.

Maybe it is the eggs that are keeping you so fit, healthy and youthful looking.


Never heard of an egg. Heard of a poo egg though.


Wondered when you’d show up!


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I eat eggs and spam with cheddar on a toasted tortilla when I’m low on food. It’s just my way.

@Jinx Yes, eggs are quite inexpensive, but fulfilling.

A little arithmetic here can give us the lifegg status

3 eggs a day
1 year = 365 days
Total egg years = age 117 - age 20 = 97 egg years.

1 year of egg eating = 365x3 = 1095 eggs.

Lifetime eggs = 1095x97 = 106,215

That woman ate 106,215 eggs
8,851 dozen eggs :egg: :yum: :heart_eyes:


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