The stormy night

Something interesting happened to me. A few nights ago I got mad and threw a cig at a car. Almost instantaneously the sky toward orange. Then when I got home it stormed heavy. I then almost got hit by lightening two feet away.

Just got out of the psych ward. I’m drugged up as ■■■■.

How long were you in the psych ward?

You were only suspended three days.

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Haldol Ativan shot will make you lose track of days.

They never keep me long. I guess I’m special. The whole staff look mystified I was getting released so early. That’s considering I tried to attack somebody earlier in the day. Them and me both are mystified.

When they gave me the shot the lights popped on randomly. Then one of the shots spontaneously combusted and flew all over my ear.

The intake nurse was talking about special powers. I said is this gonna be like the movie I’ve where all the superpowers get locked up. Guess that all went to my head because i had this urge to make the whole building shake. I resisted heavily. Then I heard rain. I’m crazy :crazy_face:

Probably not the right time to suggest this,

but you should read The Steepe by Chekhov.

his short/long stories are all online, last I checked.

I’ll consider it for sure.

I don’t believe that.

No way you were bad enough to be sedated, but released in time to comment here within the time of your suspension.

Three days.


You shouldn’t be posting under the influence if you are “drugged up”.


Everybody talks about how their psych meds sedate then.

You can believe what you wanna believe.

I think you know the difference between being sedated from APs and bragging about being messed up.

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yeah, it’s the most major storm in all of literature.

Hemingway said Chekhov was a second rate writer,
but ohh, hell no.

glad your buzz is holding on. maybe you’re just not used to it?