The stigma of mental illness

Last night a woman on a Facebook genealogy dna group sought someone to send her a dna kit as she couldn’t afford one.Being in a generous mood I messaged her to say if she gave me an email address I’d sent her some money towards a kit via paypal. It was a genuine no strings attached offer.

She must have checked my profile because she says “I think you are on disability for mental illness,and I don’t want to take money off poor people”.Fair enough.

Then however she goes on to message “Afraid of u”. I should point out this woman has a husband(deaf) with a disability and a son(autism) and yet still she pulled the mental illness=“to be afraid of line”.

It seems even when you want to help people there are those who will hold your mental illness against you.

Then however she goes on to message “Afraid of u”.

This woman sounds too stupid to even understand what a DNA test is anyway.


Ignorance isn’t always bliss, I guess. What a moron.
Ps- that was incredibly generous of you! :heart:


rise above stigma if you can its not there fault they stigmatize us

That was a very sweet offer @firemonkey,
She should be so lucky to come across another offer so good.
Can’t imagine ‘afraid of what’ exactly was her problem, maybe this is the fear those who want to reduce the MI stigma could work on… ?

Now she’s decided to badmouth me on the discussion group.

I think facebook is a form of masochism. I’ve never been on it.

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How can she do so and not prove the idiot she really is?
I’m sorry you have to deal with this obvious ‘nut case’.
She is exactly the kind of crazy people don’t want to be around.

The thing is when I pulled her up on it she pulls the “I have anxiety and depression and take medication for it” card.

Wow, what a real prize she is.
Try not to waste too much time thinking about this one, you were very nice and did no wrong.
She on the other hand needs to learn some manners.


there is a lot worse things in life than stigma

Maybe, but reducing it would sure make life a bit easier.

For me, the worst part of the story is the increased potential for you to be gun shy the next time you want to help someone.

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She was rude to another member who offered to help by suggesting a website . The admin of the group kicked her off it.


That’s hard, sorry. I think a lot of the stigma comes from the confusion between psychopath and psychotic. We need to change the word for one of them :confused:


Beginning to think her problems are more than anxiety and depression and that she may be paranoid if not psychotic. She has gone from telling people to stop harassing her on the group I talked about to telling people in yet another group to stop harassing her(after asking for help to get a dna kit in both instances).

I hope she can get quality help before things get completely out of control.

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She also chose to post on a public post I made from several months ago. Luckily I was able to delete her comment.

Ya, I was gonna say she sounds MI herself. Well, I hope she gets some help and I am sorry you had to experience all of that.

Ignorance is bliss