The stigma about the obese

Because it is painful to overeat and people see that when you are obese. I thought no one could love a fat person.

Have you ever seen that show 600 lb life, almost everyone on that show has a partner,

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Yes, I’ve seen it. It was more the criticism from cold friends and relatives (mostly mother).

I feel ya, I was doing diets at 10 years old, none of them worked but my mom kept trying till bout highschool than a few years ago she started again with wight watchers, I’m over weight, I’m working on it, but the pressure my mom put on me to loss weight made me feel unattractive like my size was wrong

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when I was at my highest weight (365 lbs.), I felt trapped…it’s not fun to be that big and feel bad that you are fat. now I lost all the weight and feel great…don’t give up.

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I still have nightmares about the times I would eat so much I could barely breathe. I will never forget the pain of having an eating disorder.


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