The state of our little subculture

It is no secret that I go to my local store every morning. On Sundays it opens at 9 AM and as usual I went there also in this morning. The current state of our little subculture here in eastern Finland can be illustrated by discussing what types of people were at the store at the same time in this morning: basically 10 single men and one single young woman in her 20s. 50 % of the single men purchased beer and I understand why, they do not have the women and so they drink in order to pass their time, well it is another beautiful sunny day. I purchased milk, orange juice and again Russian Earl Grey tea that going to drink soon with honey. So this is the state of our little subculture, many single men without women.


I would say that all these single men in my little society are the unrecognized power and often ignored, but there will be the local election soon and each single man has one vote, they may be able to change the direction of the current affairs by voting differently from the past trends. This is just a human matter.

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iā€™m inspired by romance poet culture, and will hopefully learn a lot from it.

May your counterculture be fairly represented.

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