The State Fair is in town

has anyone gone to their State Fair this year where there anything new or unusual to be seendid you take an exhibit to the State Fair did you two of the animals or the artsdid you go on any rides did you meet anybody newthis year they had deep fat fried cupcakesthe highlight of my time was pending an otterand kicking the stickman in the legsthe politicians were debating early one morning and they got pretty wildthen you’d be surprised how many parents would actually swat their children in public.why older folks spend most of their time in the parks feeding the birds and reminiscingthe younger crowd heart held out at the beer gardenthe grandstands were full for the night concertwhich starred 3 doors downfunnel cakes and raised $2 over the last yearand the carnies in the booze or more laid backthe sights and smells of excitement was everywhere

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I went to the county fair. Had a great time. Saw some people I knew that I hadn’t seen in a long time. The band that played was the Oak Ridge Boys, they were pretty good, lots of bass in their voices,very deep. There was a blacksmith there working making cool stuff. He made a bottle opener on one end of a metal thing and a dragon’s head on the other end.

I wasn’t even aware we had a state fair until I looked it up. Been to plenty of county fairs though both here and elsewhere.