The sports complex!

so in one of my drives last year, i believe i was somewhere in northern kentucky. i came across this big park with a sign that said “sports complex” and i thought well isn’t that appropriately named, in this country there is this massive sports complex (psychologically) with fields and stadiums everywhere, all these kids have something to do with big dreams and 99.9% will not make it pro or even to college. and now to keep the adults hooked, there is legalized sports betting, so now you can have action on the game. well professional athletes are the last people in the world i would put my money on.


Loool perhaps passive Investing is more your thing :laughing:

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My job prohibits me from betting on any sports. i think it’s ok to have dreams of going to college as a scholar and an athlete. Really healthy in my opinion.

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I know right.

I find it fascinating that people tie their happiness to whether a sports team wins or not. I like baseball but I don’t get upset if the Twins lose.


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