The spiritual seeker


If you are to follow the higher path, be prepared to be thought a fool

I’m not sure who said this, but I’ve always loved that quote

I Once Read In A Book Of Eternal Mind, Body, Spirit, Aura, Shadow, Flesh And Bone.

That, One Is Not Allowed To Express Distancing In Shells By Calling One Or The Other A Fool.

It’s A Way To Lose All & Everything Holding That Above Your Future As Thinking There Exist’s A Reward To Be The One Who Judges Accordingly. Truth In These Olde Texts Repeats, ‘There Is No Reward In Ending The Ending’s End So Quickly’. Close As Such And So On.

A Valid Disagreement Speaks As If To Say, Comforting Self In Lies Makes It Justifiable.

Truth Replies, It Isn’t Justice For The Accuser. it Hurts All Parties Involved. None Of Stones Carried.

I Agree. . .

A Silently Sad Way To Try And Live. . . . . . .

It is simply saying be prepared to be thought of as a fool, not be one. Others just won’t understand that’s all

I’m really not sure where you’re going to be honest

I’d just be happy with a good cup of coffee.

Yes, Indeed…,

The Grace Of Thoughts Are A Safe Haven.


Not Actions. . . . . . .

To Bring More Clarity…,

I’m Talking About Calling Someone A Fool.

If Someone Is Confused About A Spiritual Seeker. And Thinks They Are Being Foolish…,

That’s One Thing.

Jus Don’t Reach Out Of The Box Of Thoughts. . . . . . .

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There is one quotes that comes back to me again and again.

Discernment is innocence. Judgment is guilt. Add resentment to discernment, and what you have is judgment.

We all do it, but I am trying my best to see it before it takes hold. The quote is by Roy Masters, a meditation teacher who specializes in helping war vets cope with PTSD

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