The spinning wheel of death

I’ve been getting this a lot with my firefox browser. It’s really frustrating. Using Google brings up a lot of web pages about mac and it. I’m using Windows 10.

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Do you have an anti virus @firemonkey ?

Have you tried updating Firefox?

I use Avast free. Firefox is up to date.

How old is your machine? Never had this issue.

Only fix I could find was this;

Yeah, I had this recently too with Firefox. They load eventually it is just the website seems to be taking forever. I thought it was the servers more than the browser.

It’s just under a year old.

I’d seen that website and done that .

How about this?

That wont work, it is doing on myne as well.

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I had this mental picture of a motor bike spinning around one of those globes.

Award to month of August to @firemonkey for best title of a post that actually didn’t involve carnage! :slight_smile:


I’m wary of reset. I’d be less wary if it kept the add ons.

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Too many add ons causing the crashes? :thinking:

I don’t know, my firefox is clean from anything. I also try to format my PC once a month.

No troubles on my end @anon98459728 @firemonkey.

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Doubt it, probably because we are both in the UK. Might be a problem with the servers.

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3 add ons too much ?!

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Just a guess.1515

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