The social (and medical) pathology of correlating inner worth with wealth

Interesting research… that is somewhat related to the earlier discussion where Malvok suggested that people are the “dregs of society” if they don’t earn much money.

…major and minor mental illnesses were three times as common in societies where there were bigger income differences between rich and poor. In other words, an American is likely to know three times as many people with depression or anxiety problems as someone in Japan or Germany.

“combined data from over 100 surveys in 26 countries, found that schizophrenia was about three times as common in more unequal societies as it was in more equal ones.”

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I meant more that the mentally ill, criminals and such were the dregs, but I get your point.

That’s interesting because they’ve always said that the 1 in 100 schizophrenics to normal people is the same world wide.

Actually that is a myth - here is some better science on this issue:

Despite the received wisdom that schizophrenia occurs at similar rates worldwide, its prevalence varies across the world,[4] within countries,[5] and at the local and neighborhood level.

Isn’t the thinking in right wing quarters that the poor need to be paid less to work harder while the rich need financial increases to work harder?
It would be interesting to see how rates of severe mental illness compare to how politically neoliberal a country is.

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This isn’t surprising to me at all. I definitely feel that people on SSI and SSDI should get more money, and with no means testing, so you don’t have to stay in poverty in order to get help.

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