The snow starts tomorrow and it will be five consecutive days of snow

nearing the apex of the below freezing temps…sunday and monday it will have thirty below 28 mile an hour winds…inconceivable.!!

did you see that huge pile up of trucks and cars crash in Fort Worth on the news yesterday. it was slight ice that did it. terrible, 6 people dead. many others trapped in their cars all day in the freezing cold.

yeah I heard about that from my gf…she is my source of news…I can’t watch live t.v. like news and shows…always think it’s about me…anyways…yes it is tragic isn’t it…?

yes, and even here, people say we get good at driving in the snow and ice, or we get used to it, but I never have.

oh I refuse to drive on the ice and snow…besides the bout of ice we got has my doors froze shut…

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I hate when my doors freeze. It’s annoying.

The snow is here already

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We are supposed to get an ice storm Sunday.
Monday and Tuesday more precipitation.

Going to cancel my fathers doctor appointment on Monday.

It’s not worth the risk.

Holy crap, looks like the heating bills are gonna suck in Oklahoma next month.

Just wow.

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new update here in eastern Iowa

one inch of snow overnight, tonight, Friday night/Saturday morning. It’s too cold to snow much.


Stay safe peeps. Totally out of my realms but I wouldn’t even try to drive in those conditions. Much respect.

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